Three Arrested For Terrorism After The Explosion Of a Car In Liverpool

Three arrested for terrorism after the explosion of a car in Liverpool

Three men have been arrested this Sunday as terrorism suspects for their alleged relationship with the explosion of a vehicle next to a hospital in Liverpool (England) that caused the death of one person and injured another.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning at around 11.00 (local time) at the entrance to the Women’s Hospital in the aforementioned city, when a taxi that had just parked exploded.


Merseyside Police have confirmed that those arrested are three men aged 21, 26 and 29, who have been detained under the Anti-Terrorism Act in the Kensington area of ​​that English town.

The victims of the incident are the driver of the vehicle, a male who has been injured and is currently admitted to the hospital in stable condition and the passenger of the taxi, another man who has died as a result of what happened and who has not yet been formally identified.

A spokeswoman for the Merseyside Corps previously stated that “the car involved was a taxi that stopped at the hospital shortly before the explosion occurred.”

As reported The Guardian, the explosion occurred in front of the main entrance of the hospital and the Police are trying to determine if the explosion was deliberate and if the chosen site has any meaning. The place is not far from Liverpool Cathedral, where the act of Remembrance Day, a national celebration, was taking place in the city. Investigators believe it is unlikely that the explosion, which occurred shortly before the celebration began, was due to a vehicle failure. The flames spread rapidly, engulfing the taxi in a ball of fire.

Agents continue to work “to establish what happened” although it could still be some time before investigators can be in a position to comment. During Sunday afternoon, police cordons were maintained and the Police blocked some roads.

“We keep all options open about what caused the explosion but given how it happened, as a precaution, it is the anti-terrorist police unit that is leading the investigation, with the support of the Merseyside Police,” said the Police.

For its part, the hospital was cordoned off and temporarily restricted visits from patients’ relatives. “We are reviewing the activity of our patients for the next 24 to 48 hours and patients should wait for them to contact them to get updates on scheduled medical appointments or other hospital assistance,” the medical center said in a note.



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