Tigres Del Licey From 15 October To Wednesday 18 January 2022

Tigres Del Licey From 15 October To Wednesday 18 January 2022

“Our Lady of Altagracia! We want to dedicate ourselves to you, and that is why we recognize you as the queen of our family from today.” “Our Lady of Prayers of Altagracia.”

The glorious blue team, Los Tigres del Lise, is on a string of successes since Los Leones del Escozido pitcher Iv√°n Nova scored a victory at the Quizqueya Juan Marichal Stadium at 5:09 pm on Saturday, October 15, 2022. won the crown for the 23rd time. Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 12:23 a.m. Tomas his Troncoso Emilio Bonifacio’s first pitch of his tournament, Mel his Rojas Jr. Hit with thousands of fans screaming The Licy Champion who caused the!

In that 95-day run, Raisey won the regular series (34-16), the semifinal series (10-6) and the finals (4-1). In her three stages, Licey has never lost in her four games online and out of her 71 games played she has achieved 48 wins. They won 7-3 against Aguilas Cibaenhas, Gigantes del Cibao, Toros del Este and Leones del Escoguido in certain series, and 6-4 against Estrelas Orientales. Did.


On Saturday 22nd October, Raici defeated Aguilas Sibaenhas 4-0, with both clubs tied for first place 5-2. Cesar Valdes, the man with five letters, won his first victory.

On Sunday, October 23, Laissy whitened Aguilas, 6-0. Esmil Rogers was the winning pitcher and Ronny Mauricio hit his homer on the field.

On Monday, Oct. 24, Elie de la Cruz hit his 411st home run in Lissie’s 7-1 win over the Stars. The Tigers have 7 wins and 2 losses and he remains in first place.

On Monday, October 31st, Licey beat Aguilas 12×4. Emilio Bonifacio hits his 25th career triple as Jose Offerman-led team closes out his October in first place with his 9-3 victory over Aguilas.

Tigres del Lise will start November with a 2-0 no-hitter against Toros del Este. Pitchers who achieved the feat for Francisco Micheli were Risalberto Bonilla (1.0), Elmery Garcia (5.0), Arodis Vizcaino (1.0), Gian Carlos Mejia (1.0) and Jairo Asensio (1.0). .

On Saturday 5 November, Laissy beat Estrelas Orientales 2-1, Glorioso’s fifth win in a row. His Indigo product in his second round of home runs run by Juan Ramon Hern√°ndez.

On Sunday, November 6, Aguilas Sibae√Īas, who hit a dramatic home run off of Gerard Encarnacion, defeated Tigres 6-5, Tigres 12-4, Aguilas 13-6, and Licey. was half a game behind.

On Monday, November 7, his 116th anniversary, Laissy went white with the Chosen, 2-0, and set a 13-4 record against Aguilas. Glorioso’s Board pays tribute to Mrs. Mercedes Hermudesi de Fern√°ndez for throwing the first ball.

On Friday, November 11, Licey defeated Gigantes del Cibao 7-2, allowing C√©sar Valdez’s excellent pitching to allow 1 CL with a 7.0 IP to claim his second victory. Ar√≠stides Aquino chartered a triple in his 3 CE. LIDOM fined Licey 50,000 pesos for placing a Palito de Coco song when it was Orlando Calixte’s turn to hit.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I will continue my notes on winning the 23rd crown in Dominican Baseball with the Licy Tigers.

days like today

1959. Leones del Escodido beat Tigres de Lise 7-4 to win the regular series 38-21. Felipe Rojas Alou hit his 6th home run and his 17th double.

1970. The Tigres de Lise defeated Aguilas Sibaenhas, 7-3, to become Dominican baseball champions for the fifth time. Santiago Guzman pitched the win and Sal Campisi made the save. The pitcher who lost was Luis Tiant.

1981. Four-time Gold Glove Award winner Cesarine Geronimo is traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Kansas City Royals for minor league prospect German Barranca.

2007. Aguilas Cibaenhas defeated Tigres de Risei 6-0 in the second match of the final series at Cibao Stadium. A home run and single by Mendy Lopez led off Mamie’s offense.

2008. Tigres de Lise defeated Aguilas Sibaenhas 5-1 in the fifth leg of the final series at Quizqueya Stadium. Ervin Santana won and Bartolo Colon lost. Jose Bautista (TL) homered and singled, Luis Polonia (AC) 4-4.

2013. In the fourth game of the final series, Leones del Escodido defeated Aguilas Chivaenhas 3-2 in 11 innings, earning a scarlet win after a hit by Mauro Gomez and Miguel Tejada making a heartbreaking mistake.

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