Tini Stoessel And Sebastián Yatra Reveal How Many Children They Want To Have

Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra reveal how many children they want to have | instagram

The Colombian couple formed by Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel have expressed that they have thought about having children and how many.

After they denied their love for quite some time, which was evident from the chemistry between them, when they decided to give statements about their relationship, everyone was moved.


Love was born on stage after collaborating together on a song, later they were seen giving samples of affection without penalty.

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The admirers of both singers get excited every time one of the two shares an image or video where they appear together since the love they feel for each other is reflected in their publications, their presentations and on the occasions when they are seen together.

Apart from the rumors of an upcoming marriage, the couple has hinted that they already have plans to become parents, however, not very soon.

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Since both are at the top of their career, however, starting a family definitely tops their list of personal priorities.

Sebastián Yatra commented in an interview that he wishes to have three children, but on the other hand his girlfriend Tini Stoessel differs from this idea since she wants to have only two.

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Whether they have their offspring in the distant or near future, their fans would be happy for them and for that stage they will be going together.

Yatra and Stoessel are working on their individual musical projects, but recently they shared that they will collaborate together on a new melody called "Hey" which is thought to be a sad or romantic Ballad for the few words that can be heard and that have appeared in the videos they shared.

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The couple does not lose opportunity to express their love, this can be seen in the publications they make in their official Instagram accounts.

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