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Tom Brady’s Rookie Card Sold At Record High

The quarterback’s numbered sticker was acquired by an anonymous buyer who paid more than $ 2 million.

While Tom Brady is breaking records on the field, he also continues to break records off the field. Brady’s rookie card sold in March for $ 1.32 million, which was believed to be a record for any football card, now the same type of card has surpassed that mark, selling for $ 2.25 million.

The 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie Ticket series card is autographed and numbered 99 out of 100, meaning that only 100 copies of that particular card were produced. The version that was sold in March to FitBit CEO James Park was rated at 8 and the autograph at 10. The card that was sold this week was rated at 8.5 and the autograph at 9, however the buyer of this particular card wishes to remain anonymous.

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Tom Brady’s autographed rookie card again broke the record with its asking price. Getty Images

Brady’s rookie card broke the record in March, beating a Patrick Mahomes card that sold for $ 861,000 in early February. Mahomes’ autographed 2017 National Treasures card was rated a 9 and is one of just five copies of that specific card. That sale broke the previous record held by another Brady card that sold for $ 555,988 in January.

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The meteoric rise in prices just a few months apart is a perfect example of the boom that the sports card industry has experienced in the last year. By comparison, a higher-rated version of this Brady rookie card, a Mint 9 with a 10-on-autograph rating, sold for $ 400,100 just two years ago.

Now the same card has surpassed $ 2 million as prices for sports cards and rare and expensive collectibles continue to climb.


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