Tragedy And Loss Of A Baby: The Hard Moments That A Presenter Of "el Gordo Y La Flaca" Finally Revealed

Tragedy And Loss Of a Baby: The Hard Moments That a Presenter Of "El Gordo y La Flaca" Finally Revealed

The life of the presenters of the show's show of the chain Univision It might seem perfect, but they have also become news for facing difficult episodes that have put them to the test.


The divorce of Lili Estefan It was one of those moments, but this time, the presenter Gelena Solano He made headlines for revealing secrets that few knew.

And although it seemed that he had had an intact marriage with the Italian-American businessman Steve Cutuli, The driver and her husband faced a difficult test and still struggle to fulfill the dream of having a child.

In statements for People in spanish, Gelena Solano said with a broken voice: “I was pregnant and lost the baby. They told me it was because of stress and then we tried and it turns out that we can't. ”

It happened shortly after being married two years ago. And although it seemed that his dream of becoming parents would come true, Gelena lost the baby. "I was almost four months pregnant."

He recalled that being in an establishment had to run to the bathroom bleeding, "according to doctors, stress. That definitely hurt us a lot and we will never forget it. ”

But the plans to become parents has not gone extinct, and today, Gelena keeps trying. "Steve was even operated. I have been in treatment for years ”confessed to People in spanish.

In "El Gordo y La Flaca", a show program for which Gelena conducts exclusive interviews from New York City, Gelena appears smiling and glamorous at all times, so opening his heart to the sadness he has experienced has led him to receive comments of solidarity.

And Solano has not had a good time not being close to her family, because while she is in New York, her relatives live in Orlando, Florida.

In addition, his cousin sister Mayiyin died recently, and Gelena fell into depression: "It's something that has affected me a lot and every night I spend my time crying and I can't sleep, it's affecting me emotionally."

Gelena Solano also confessed: "Sometimes, being in front of the camera and saving your feelings is also difficult."

But not everything has been bad for the life of Gelena Solano. With almost 3 years of marriage, lives in love with her husband Steve Cutuli, and has confessed that she is happier married than single.

Of course, she faces that her husband is “extremely organized. Since he arrives he has to fix where the gush is, then to keep him happy, before I get home, I clean, ”he confessed in an interview a few days ago to People in spanish.

Being of different nationalities, what you eat in your home is a mixture of culinary styles. “Italians love food, I cook with Dominican ingredients, I make mangú, bananas, salad. We don't eat a lot of pasta because pasta makes you fat, We only eat pasta the day we go to his mother's house. ”

And while they manage to become parents, Gelena keeps the magic inside the bedroom. “You have to sleep beautifully.I can watch TV with other clothes, but before I go to sleep I take a bath, I wear my perfume and my sexy clothes. That is important in the couple. There are women who neglect and do not make up and do not wrinkle. I try to make my husband always look glamorous and fabulous, ”she revealed.