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Trump Asks His Followers To Avoid “violence” Before Biden’s Inauguration

Washington – The outgoing president, Donald Trump, asked his followers not to incur “violence” or break the law in the coming days, given the multiple reports that point to new violent concentrations before the inauguration within a week of the president-elect, Joe Biden.

On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned in an internal bulletin about the threat of armed protests across the country since Saturday, a nationwide “uprising” and a new attempt to assault the Capitol since Sunday and until the inauguration of the Democrat Biden as the new president.

“Armed protests are being prepared in the capitols of all 50 states of the country from January 16 to 20, as well as in the Capitol (of Washington) between January 17 and 20,” indicates the internal circular to the that had access to the television channel ABC.

The circular details that they have received “information about an unidentified armed group that intends to travel to Washington DC on January 16. They have warned that if Congress tries to remove the president (Trump) by way of the 25th amendment there will be a great uprising. “


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