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Trump Authorizes Ford, GM And Tesla To Make Respirators

Washington – United States President Donald Trump authorized vehicle manufacturers Ford, General Motors and Tesla on Sunday to produce fans in response to the growing demand for these devices due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump assured on his Twitter account that “Ford, General Motors and Tesla are being given the go-ahead to make fans and other metal products, FAST.”

The decision is known a day after the ruler referred to the companies’ interest during the daily press conference with the White House coronavirus task force.

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General Motors (GM), the largest automaker in the United States, announced Friday that it has reached an agreement with medical equipment producer Ventec Life Systems to increase the production of respirators necessary to treat the most serious cases of COVID-19. .

In turn, the founder and CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, Elon Musk, revealed yesterday on his Twitter account that he had a “long engineering discussion with Medtronic about next-generation fans.”

The president of the medical device company Medtronic, Geoff Martha, thanked Tesla on the same social network for his interest and the conversation about respirators.

“Medtronic is mobilizing to bring more fans to the market,” said the executive in his message.

This Sunday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo asked the federal government to “immediately nationalize” companies that make medical equipment, and distribute it according to state needs.

The request to nationalize the production and distribution of medical equipment arises from the excessive increase in prices.

Cuomo mentioned as an example the masks, that from 85 cents a piece now sell at $ 7 each, and the fans, essential in the intensive units, whose price rose from $ 16,000 to $ 40,000 each.

The governor also indicated that with 15,168 infected, New York has 15 times more cases than other states, the majority in New York where today it increased from 9,045 in the morning to 9,654 hours later with 63 deaths, there are 1,974 people in hospitals and a total of 114 deaths across the state.

The United States, according to Johns Hopkins University calculations, accounts for 26,747 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, with 340 deaths, 94 of them in the state of Washington, which places it in fourth place worldwide in infection statistics, below China. , Italy and Spain.


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