Trump Calls For Unity In ‘peaceful Defense’ Of His Movement

Trump Calls For Unity In ‘peaceful Defense’ Of His Movement

Miami (WABNEWS) said it was “united in the peaceful defense” of the movement that brought him to the White House in 2017.

Trump last weekend called on his followers to protest, warning that he would be arrested this Tuesday in an investigation into payments allegedly paid to a porn star in 2016 in exchange for silence. He stressed that the “left and deep state” “hate” him.


“It’s important to show these shadowy forces that all 74 million Trump voters are united to peacefully defend our movement, because the very fate of our republic is at stake. There has never been a time like this.

Trump, who is campaigning as the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, faces several judicial issues…the relationship they had.

A grand jury must decide whether to indict the former president, but according to various media reports, security forces have been criticized for pro-Trump protests, such as the Jan. 6, 2021 demonstrations in Washington. I am wary of the possibility of demonstrations by people. I have an attack on the Capitol in mind.

Trump declares himself a victim

The former president, believed to be at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Fla., on Tuesday, said some of his supporters peacefully demonstrated on Monday. claim to have been victims of a “witch hunt” in 2016. One involving investor George Soros and US President Joe Biden.

“If the media leaks are correct, this could be the last time I write to you before possible impeachment,” Trump said on Tuesday.

The former president said, “All the media and the ‘establishment’ said we were doomed to fail,” joining his “America First” movement (America First), which began eight years ago. I am grateful for the support of the Patriots.

“There is no doubt that we will win, take back the White House, and make America great again!” he concluded.

Palm Beach media, including the WPTV channel, reported that Trump supporters who demonstrated on Monday in the city where he plans to reside are planning to do so again this Tuesday.

expectations in new york

Manhattan Criminal Court woke up this Tuesday to mixed protests from a small group, surrounded by national and international media awaiting details of the Manhattan Attorney’s Office investigation into alleged payments from Trump to Daniels.

People gather in front of a New York courthouse as former US President Donald Trump may be indicted on March 21, 2023. WABNEWS/Peter Foley

Early in the morning, about 20 people, mostly retirees, held signs reading “Trump is guilty” and “No one is above the law” outside the courthouse to mark the former president and the 2024 president. I protested the current candidate in the primary.

They also exhibited caricatures of Trump behind the prison and in a prisoner’s uniform.

The protesters were separated from the media by a metal fence and were watched by a large police force.


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