Trump Hits The Campaign Trail In Sanford Florida For First Rally Since COVID-19 Diagnosis Biden Calls Trip “reckless”

President Trump gives his first political rally outside the White House after catching the coronavirus. And he did it in Florida, in Sanford, north of Orlando, where there’s an intense battle for voters from different sectors to win the state in this presidential election.

The event was held at a hangar at Sanford Airport, about 20 miles north of Orlando. It is his second public appearance after leaving the hospital where he was treated by the coronavirus a week ago. Thousands of people welcomed him without mask or social distancing.  One of those was Florida governor Ron Desantis who came in like a WWE wrestler giving high fives to attendees without masks and no social distancing.

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Many arrived from yesterday and spent the entire night outside Orlando Sanford International Airport to be the first in line and to see the president up close.

Many are

On Saturday he addressed about 500 people in the White House garden. And now in Sanford, which is part of Seminole County where an order is in force that requires the use of masks, but here the vast majority did not use them.

This Saturday, the president’s doctors reported that it no longer poses a risk of transmission of the virus. On Sunday Trump said it’s already negative.

Real Clear Politics puts Biden ahead of Florida’s president with 48.6 percent and Trump with 44%

The president had this event scheduled for October 2, originally, but had to be postponed because of his illness. The I-4 corridor in central Florida is critical, so the president, who needs to win Florida. In 2016 she beat Hillary Clinton by a percentage point and a half.


Convinced that he is immune to the “horrible virus of China,” U.S. President Donald Trump is resuming his campaign events outside the White House on Monday since he contracted COVID-19 with a rally in Sanford, central Florida.

“See you in Sanford, Florida, tonight for a big rally,” the representative wrote this morning on his official Twitter account, and after declaring fox on Sunday that he is “immune” to coronavirus, more than a week after he tested pos itive for COVID-19, and making sure he’s “in very good shape to fight the battles.”

Trump was so confident after his White House doctor Sean Conley issued a report that the ruler “no longer considers himself a transmission risk to others” on the weekend, though he did not answer the question of when it was the last coronavirus test the president tested negative.

Trump’s rally in Florida celebrates a week after leaving Walter Reed Military Hospital and following a first public event with supporters held Saturday on a White House balcony after contracting the disease.

The event in Sanford has motivated criticism of the president, for the danger that he may still be a contagion agent, and even a lawsuit with a view to his cancellation brought by attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, because the act “is a nuisance.”

Democratic nominee Joe Biden said monday that Trump’s rally in Florida will carry only “reckless behavior, divisive rhetoric, and more fear.”

“It does not bring a plan to control this virus that has killed more than 15,000 Floridans, it does not bring a plan to protect floridans’ medical care from attacks by his administration against the Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare), the former vice president added in a statement (2009-2017).

Following the Florida rally, the president plans this week for other campaign events in the states of Pennsylvania and Iowa, with which he intends to gain ground, reflecting the latest polls.

According to a poll broadcast Sunday by ABC News and The Washington Post, Biden outpertches Trump by 12 points in popular voting intent, while according to RealClear Politics’ average poll, the Democrat carries a 10.6 percentage point lead.

In coveted Florida, without a fixed voting pattern and awarding 29 votes at the Electoral College (where a minimum of 270 is required to win the election), a recent Quinnipiac University poll placed Biden ahead of the president 11 points apart, while the RealClear Politics average reflects a 3.7 percent advantage in favor of the Democrat.

This Monday, President Trump’s campaign office has launched a Spanish-language ad in Florida relinking formula candidacy Biden and aspiring Vice President Kamala Harris to “Castrochavismo,” noting that the former vice president “turned his back on Venezuelans.”

The ad is a nod to one of its most loyal bases such as Venezuelan and Cuban exiles, the latter organizers on Saturday of a caravan in Miami made up of hundreds of cars with American and Cuban flags, as well as posters in favor of Donald Trump.

A day later, he did the same as another showy caravan in favor of Biden who departed from Tropical Park in southwest Miami-Dade County, which was made up of Cuban-Americans and other members of the Hispanic community.

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