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Around the world there are thousands of fans who follow the South Korean group, BTS, which is considered one of the most important groups in recent times and pioneers of the K-POP musical genre.

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The seven young members have conquered several countries and this is reflected in the thousands of copies of their albums that have been sold despite the fact that their songs are in their native language, but this has not been an impediment to crossing borders and classifying themselves as a world famous group.


It should be taken into account that another of the characteristics of this group are the varied choreographies that its members perform and that are liked by its thousands of followers and fans.

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Although it is true, BTS is one of the groups with great world fame and that has managed to accumulate many successes thanks to their songs, all this has also brought some inconveniences to its members such as pressure and enormous responsibilities, which has damaged the health of two. from them.

Every day of the year the members of BTS do a very hard work despite the coronavirus pandemic that caused the group’s tours around the world to be canceled. However, the group was focused on new musical projects.

The members of the group BTS during one of their most recent releases. Photo: Dong-A Ilbo for AFP.

Thanks to their musical work, they have managed to place one of their songs on the Billboard Hot 100 list with “Permission To Dance”, a place that was occupied by “Butter” for seven consecutive weeks.

But not everything has been good news in this great work that they have done during the long months of the pandemic, because they have also affected the mental health of some of the members of BTS.


One of the members of the group who suffers from depression is Taehyung, V’s real name, a fact that was confirmed in the documentary ‘Break The Silence’, where the singer said that he usually gets quite depressed and needs someone to be with him. But he was able to overcome this situation thanks to the unconditional support of all his friends in the group.

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“There are moments when I usually get very depressed, when I find myself going through very difficult times I want someone to just hold my hand. I think that seeing each of the members too happy inspired me and now I’m also happy, I don’t know why, but I think it was a point of much introspection that helped me with my depression, “he said.

Another of the BTS artists who is going through this situation is Min Yoon-gi (Suga) who has revealed his mental health problems on different occasions.

During the radio show ‘KBS Cool FM Kim Seong Joo’, he confessed that he suffers from depression when the group works on a new album.

“People see being in a depression as a bad thing. But personally I think it is a time when you can improve yourself. It is a time when you can reflect on your own confidence. I think that being in a depression is good because it is a moment in which you can improve yourself ”, he assured.


Given this, the big question arises regarding who is the best singer of the BTS group. To answer this question, it must be taken into account that at the time of singing each of the young people who make up the group have the ability to reach high notes and sing songs very well due to their vocal ranges.

All those who are part of this group have been recognized as great artists, but the one who has stood out above the rest, on some occasions, is V with the song “Singularity”, where he demonstrated his way of dancing and his serious tone.

On the other hand, Jin, Jungkook and Jimin are the ones who have also been recognized for their singing, while Suga, J-Hope and RM have stood out for the speed when singing their songs.

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