Two Women Dispute The Governorship Of The Most Populous State In Mexico

TOLUCA, Mexico (AP) — The next governor of the state of Mexico, the most populous in the country, will emerge from the electoral battle between two women and the weariness of many voters.

One of the candidates is Alejandra del Moral, who represents the political force that ruled that state for almost a century: the Institutional Revolutionary Party. The other is Delfina Gómez, the image of the change that took place in 2018 at the national level with the victory of Morena, the party of the current president.


In the middle 12 million voters, many of whom show their weariness after 94 years of government of the same sign.

“In almost 100 years the government has done nothing,” Ramiro Lizcano, who arrived in a wheelchair at one of the rallies in favor of Gómez, the candidate who intends to break the PRI’s long management in the state, told The Associated Press. from Mexico. In the same sense, Arturo Olguín Cruz expressed “his sympathy for him with the teacher Delfina and hopes to see the change.”

Although Morena and the PRI are the banners of the two women who will contest the governorship next Sunday, June 4, both are coalition candidates.

Gómez is the face of the so-called “Together We Will Make History in the State of Mexico” made up of Morena’s current partners in the federal government.

Del Moral is presented with “Va por el Estado de México”, the union of three formerly rival parties, the PRI, the conservative National Action Party (PAN) and the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), which only have in common to join forces against the candidate endorsed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

This is the second time that Gómez has run for governor. She presents herself as a woman of principles and represents the “transformation” and “well-being” policy promoted by the federal government, which maintains an advantage in local polls.

Del Moral proposes “more security in schools for children,” said Leticia Sáenz, from the municipality of Tecama, when referring to the reasons for her support for the candidate. The “help centers for women who suffer from violence and children’s instances” are the programs that Silvia Nallely Luna Buendias embraced to give her vote to the candidate who aspires to revalidate the power of the PRI.

Del Moral appears before the electorate as a strong woman, family member, wife and mother of two children. She defines herself as “a brave woman”, the main slogan of her campaign.

During 57 days of proselytizing, both candidates visited and toured the 125 municipalities that make up the State of Mexico, where a woman has never governed. That is why this election focuses more on the female electorate and vulnerable groups. The State of Mexico is one of those with the highest rates of femicide.

An election will also take place on Sunday in the border state of Coahuila, in the north of the country, which, like the State of Mexico, has not had political alternation.

These are also the last elections before the 2024 presidential elections, so their results will be analyzed from a national perspective and to measure the power of the current party in government.