Ukraine Bolsters Its Defense With Western Military Aid

The Ukrainian Army is better prepared than in 2014 to face an aggression from Russia, but in the event of an attack, it hopes to further strengthen its defense with the weapons sent by the US and the United Kingdom and those authorized by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. .

Today a new plane arrived in Kiev with US military assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which landed at the Borispol airport in the capital, according to Efe.

“We thank our American partners for their support and practical help. Together we are stronger and the world is safer,” Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar wrote on Facebook.


This is the third plane with US weapons to arrive in Ukraine in recent days. Over the weekend, Washington has already delivered to Kiev more than 170 tons of weapons.

The US embassy in Ukraine said last week that the delivery was part of a $200 million military aid package to Kiev approved by President Joe Biden in December 2021.

Thanks for the British help

The United States is not the only country to provide defensive assistance to Ukraine in recent days as fears of a Russian attack grow.

Last Monday, the UK announced that it would provide anti-tank weapons to Kiev. That same day British cargo planes took the first part of the military cargo to Ukraine.

To date, London has already delivered about 2,000 NLAW anti-tank systems to Ukraine.

Ukraine today revealed footage of British instructors teaching Ukrainian military personnel how to operate the supplied systems. These man-portable weapons could shoot down Russian helicopters and planes in the event of an airstrike, military experts say.

The UK’s decision to provide defensive weapons was greeted in Ukraine as a sign of genuine support and the hashtag #GodSavetheQueen trended on local social media for several days.

Aid from Central and Eastern Europe

Several Central and Eastern European countries also expressed their readiness to help Ukraine defend itself.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia also said they would provide Ukraine with US-made weapons after receiving approval from Washington.

“We sincerely hope that Ukraine has no need to use this equipment and we urge Russia to stop its aggressive and irresponsible behavior,” the three Baltic states said in a joint statement.

The Czech Republic’s Defense Ministry said today that the country will provide Kiev with 152-millimeter artillery shells in the coming days and was open to studying the possible sending of troops to Ukraine in the event of a Russian attack.

Weapons as a deterrent

Military experts consulted by Efe say that the weapons provided by Western countries serve as a deterrent against aggressive Russian actions and raise the cost of a possible military intervention.

“This assistance is important because these are very modern weapons that can 100% effectively destroy Russian military equipment,” said Mykhailo Samus, director of the New Geopolitical Research Network.

“If Russia is aware that its tanks can be destroyed after a single missile hit, it will think twice before launching an operation,” he adds.

Arms deliveries from abroad also boost morale in Ukraine’s military and society, and show that the country will not stand alone against Russia, the expert said.

“The handover of these weapons also has a symbolic value, because it shows the unity of our friends and partners in this difficult period. At the same time, it also shows who is not really on the side of Ukraine, like Germany, which refused to provide assistance. military,” Samus said.

The German government has repeatedly said that Berlin will not deliver weapons to Kiev, in accordance with its policy of not supplying lethal weapons to conflict zones.

vulnerable from the air

However, the military aid provided to Ukraine so far does not solve its main problem: the lack of adequate air and missile defense, experts say.

Although Ukraine possesses Soviet-era air defense systems, whose effectiveness against modern Russian weapons is questionable, it has no missile protection.

According to Taras Chmut, one of the heads of the Ukrainian Military Center NGO, Russia has deployed at least 13 Iskander ballistic missile brigades in the vicinity of Ukraine. Some of them are located on the territory of Belarus, about 300 kilometers north of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

“Ukraine does not have a single anti-missile system capable of intercepting such Russian weapons,” explains Chmut.

The expert insists that the assistance Ukraine receives from the West helps to increase the defensive potential of its troops on the ground, but does not protect its infrastructure, which could be destroyed during a possible Russian air attack.

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