Ukraine Prepares The State Of Emergency And Authorizes Civilians To Carry Weapons

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (CSND) has decided to establish a state of emergency throughout the country in the face of what it considers Russian aggression, except in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which are already under political-military administration.

The decision must now be ratified by the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament), according to the secretary of the CSND, Oleksiy Danílov, at a press conference.


“Today I will inform the Rada of it,” said Danilov, who stressed that the implementation of the state of emergency will not greatly affect the lives of Ukrainians, although he has warned that if necessary, the competent bodies will act in accordance with the legislation current.

This comes two days after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the self-proclaimed breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine and after the Russian Parliament’s approval on Tuesday of the use of military force outside the country.

As explained by the secretary of the CSND, the state of emergency can be imposed for 30 days in Ukraine and extended for another 30. “If necessary, martial law can be implemented instantly. Now there is no decision on that, but we are ready for anything,” he added.

Regarding the implementation of the curfew, Danilov has indicated that the decisions in this matter will be adopted by the regional authorities depending on the situation.

He explained that in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, parts of which according to Kiev are occupied by Russia, there is a special regime regulated by law. “That is why the state of exception is not implemented there. Unfortunately, it was implemented there a long time ago, in 2014. In the rest of the territory (of the country), I say it again, a state of exception will be applied with more or less rigor depending on the threats that may arise in certain places”, he added.

Permit to carry weapons

The Ukrainian Parliament has approved this Wednesday in first reading a bill that gives permission to Ukrainians to carry firearms and act in self-defense, reports Reuters.

“The approval of this law is fully in the interest of the state and society,” the authors of the bill said in a note, adding that the law was necessary due to “existing threats and dangers for the citizens of Ukraine “. The project was approved with 274 deputies in favor of the 352 registered in the session room.

According to the Ukrainian news agency interface the approved document proposes to define the concept of ownership of civil firearms, the conditions and the procedure for obtaining licenses to carry them and adds a classification of civil firearms.

The law provides for the use of civilian firearms for self-defense, state control in the sphere of circulation of civilian firearms, and regulates the temporary import and export of civilian firearms and ammunition from Ukraine. It also specifies when a gun owner’s certificate cannot be issued to a person, such as when there are medical contraindications to gun control or if the person has a pending or unresolved criminal record.

More border restrictions

In addition, the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs has indicated in a message on Telegram that new restrictions are introduced in the border areas of the country, reports europapress. These include a ban on staying in them at night and the suspension of road traffic outside the road network leading to the border.

The Ministry has highlighted that measures have also been imposed to prevent the presence of foreigners in these areas and control the use of radio stations, control the overflight of unmanned devices and make videos or photographs of security elements at the border.

There are still some 150,000 Russian soldiers deployed on the borders with Ukraine, leading Kiev and the West to fear that the Kremlin may not only plan an attack on all of Donbas, but possibly a larger invasion as well.

“As for an attack on Kiev or any other city, the rejection will be immediate. We are now very aware of Russia’s threats. We clearly understand that our Army is ready to repel” any military action, Danilov said.

The call-up of reservists in Ukraine began this Wednesday for adults between the ages of 16 and 60, while the training of territorial defense units and civilians ready to defend their country from the Russian threat continues.



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