Unrecognizable! The Photo Of Greeicy Rendón Without Makeup That Has Everyone Impressed Is She?

Greeicy Rendón is one of the most important artists of Colombia and the entire continent, that is why everyone is always on the lookout for everything he does or does not do.

Last Thursday the “Lo Nuestro Awards” were held in the city of Miami, and it was certainly the perfect occasion for the Colombian women Shone once again on the pink carpet of the event with its imposing beauty. Related News The singer used an impressive dress of glitters in black, which showed her left leg with a rather striking opening, the model made it look perfectly all His tattoos.

However, despite the fact that her wardrobe and styling were simply perfect, the dancer made her photo even more viral after the awards, in which she can be seen as rarely. The publication of the caleña consists of two multimedia, one is the video of when I was totally perfect and posing for the media at the awards, but the second postcard let her see how it had dawned on Friday morning, completely natural.


Although it is not his best image, singer He also laughs and enjoys his not so good days, and his fans thank him very much in the comments. Her beauty can not be questioned and even Alejandro Sanz wrote: “Beautiful equal.”

Rendón also had the opportunity to shine on stage performing his most recent musical release called “Aguardiente”, for which he dressed in a spectacular black horn suit which had the perfect complement with a high braid and black boots.