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Until When Will Sanitary Restrictions Be Eliminated In NY?

The state government will remove most of the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus once 70% of the population is vaccinated.

This was confirmed by Governor Cuomo. This provision includes the restrictions for almost all businesses in the state.

However, several places will have to continue to strengthen health protocols, such as mass events, schools, public transportation, shelters for the homeless, correctional institutions and nursing homes for the elderly.

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Businesses will have the power to decide whether or not to continue with biosafety measures.

Cuomo urged state and local authorities to focus on zip codes where vaccination numbers are the lowest in the state.

Many of those areas are in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

So far, the percentage of adults in the state who have received at least one dose is 68.6%, less than 2% below the goal established by the state president.

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