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Up To The Gait: The Parts Of The Pig You Never Thought Were Eaten

“From the pig to the gait” is a saying whose elliptical coma assumes that everything is eaten, every part from head to toe, without wasting even the blood. And all this with the advantage that buying pork is usually cheaper than other meats, even if it is Iberian or of the Duroc breed, which is a cross between white and Iberian pork and, therefore, has more infiltrated fat.

The fat will determine the flavor of each piece that we buy and this depends in turn on the orography, the type of breeding and the feeding that is given to the animal in each area, for which they have a lot to do with the quality. different Denominations of Origin that we collected in this report on hams


Among others, we cited the Teruel PDO, where we have gone to ask Juan Saz Pérez, manager of Teruel meat, meat specialized in the Duroc breed, which details all the parts of the pig and its culinary applications.

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It is not the most common, but in The Tasqueria of Javi Estévez, the only restaurant with a Michelin Star specialized in offal, we have been able to taste a confit and fried suckling pig head in such a way that you eat the skin that covers the completely crunchy skull and even the meat that is between its recesses.

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