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US Accuses Four Chinese Citizens Of Running a Digital Hacking Campaign | Voice Of America

The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday announced charges against three Chinese intelligence agents and a hacker who stole trade secrets and confidential information from dozens of companies, universities, and government entities in the United States and 11 other countries between 2011 and 2011. 2018. The theft included information on secret technologies, which was “a significant economic benefit to China’s businesses and business sectors,” the department said, adding that hackers targeted research institutes and universities to steal infectious disease research. like HIV or Ebola. “These criminal charges once again highlight that China continues to use cyberattacks to steal what other countries are doing, in blatant disregard of its bilateral and multilateral commitments,” said Under Secretary of Justice Lisa Monaco in a statement. US and allies accuse China of sponsoring cyberattacks The United States, along with NATO, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, blamed China directly for cyberattacks in March. Prosecutors identified the three intelligence agents as Ding Xiaoyang, Cheng Qingmin and Zhu Yunmin, and said they served in the Hainan State Security Department (HSSD), a provincial arm of China’s Ministry of State Security. The hacker was identified as Wu Shurong. In an indictment revealed Friday, prosecutors alleged that the three intelligence officers coordinated with staff and professors from various Chinese universities to carry out the campaign, which left victims in Austria, Cambodia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia. , Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, prosecutors said. The Chinese government has long denied accusations by the United States that it carries out cyberattacks against the United States. * With information from Masood Farivar, from Washington DC Connect with the Voice of America! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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