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US Launches “Clean Web” To Combat Threats From Chinese Technology | Voice Of America

MIAMI – The United States has promoted an initiative for corporations and countries around the world to join the project “La Red Limpia” (“Clean Network” in English) in order to provide technological services from “reliable providers in their 5G networks” . The main objective is to prevent Chinese companies from implanting their technology in the region due to the “threat” it poses to security. The US government has warned on numerous occasions that teams from the People’s Republic of China pose a danger to the stability and security of the entire planet, which is why they insist on creating synergies and strategic agreements to deal with the Asian giant. We cannot trust companies like Huawei that partner with the Chinese Communist Party, ”Namita Biggins, spokesperson for the Dpt. of State. “We want to warn of the reality of doing business with China and the threat of doing business with Chinese companies. We say ‘no’ to the surveillance state of the Chinese Communist Party, “said Namita Biggins, a spokesperson in Spanish for the US State Department, in an interview with the Voice of America. US intelligence has warned of the danger posed by the fact that share “sensitive information” with Chinese telephone operators, especially since it is unknown for what purpose they use citizens’ data. In addition, he assures that the problem could be further aggravated with the development of 5G technology, which will allow greater connectivity throughout the world. The United States continues to closely monitor China’s movements in the region, especially in places like Venezuela or Cuba, where various Chinese corporations continue to provide services. The undersecretary of Economic Growth, Energy and Environment of the State Department, Keith Krach, has held several meetings with representatives of the 53 countries and the 180 companies that have already subscribed to this initiative. Sorry, but your browser cannot support embedded video of this type, you can download this video to view it offline. In the Latin American and Caribbean region, nations such as Brazil, the Dominican Republic or Ecuador have supported this project. It is not an issue that affects only Latin American countries, where China is expanding its technological services at high speed, but “throughout the world.” “It is about talking about what will happen if we trust Chinese companies with our data, that is, we cannot trust companies like Huawei that are associated with the Chinese Communist Party,” Biggins added in this regard. In some way, “La Red Limpia” intends to become a quality seal so that citizens, public bodies and companies know that the technological services they are hiring, such as internet, fiber or cell phones, comply with all safety regulations and the information is not being shared with the Chinese government. “Yes, it is a quality seal in which we can trust our most sensitive data and (we can be sure) that our data is going to be protected. The company is not going to share this data with governments like China, ”the State Department spokeswoman explained to the VOA. Although many countries in the world have certain economic interests with China, the United States encourages “saying no” to these alliances with the Asian nation and recalls that the North American country “is the preferred economic partner in the Latin American region.” “The governments of Latin America and Latin American companies understand what values ​​the United States and US companies offer, and they are values ​​that have to do with human rights or respect for anti-corruption laws,” he said. However, he points out that “each country has to make its own decision”, although he hopes that the list of nations will increase in the coming months, when the 5G network begins to be implemented in more places.


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