Usa Beats Canada To Face China In World Cup Final

USA Beats Canada To Face China In World Cup Final

SYDNEY (AP) — Brianna Stewart and the United States looked defensively dominant as they defeated Canada 83-43 on Friday to advance to their fourth straight tournament in a women’s basketball World Cup gold medal matchup.

Stewart scored 17 points to give the USA an early lead and beat the Canadian team. His 43 points for the Canadian team were the fewest points scored in the semi-finals in World Cup history.


“Canada has been playing very well throughout the tournament and the goal was to get out there and really limit them,” said American Alyssa Thomas. did not lock in with

The Americans defeated hosts Australia 61-59 on Saturday against China. The Chinese team lost in the group stage to the United States by 14 points, the closest match of the tournament for an American.

“Our goal is to win a gold medal and we are well positioned to make it happen,” said US coach Cheryl Reeve.

Maintaining a record scoring pace and winning percentage in the competition, the United States (7-0) dominated the match by scoring the first 15 points. The Americans contested every play on defense and the Canadians missed their first nine shots from the field. On the attacking side, Stewart, Aja Wilson and Alyssa Thomas hit nearly everything they tried.

“I think they really ran out of air after that crash,” Thomas said. “Then they didn’t know what to do with their attacks.”

Playing for South Carolina under former U.S. coach Dawn Staley, Laetitia Amichelle finally put Canada on the scoreboard about five minutes after kickoff.

At the end of the first quarter, the US was already leading 27-7. Canada recorded her four turnovers. That was the same number they suffered in the entire quarter-final match against Puerto Rico, the lowest total in 30 years.

The Americans led 45-21 at halftime and the lead continued to widen in the final 20 minutes. The win was the biggest difference for the United States in the knockout stage, eclipsing her 36-point victory over Spain at the 2010 World Cup.

Canada (5-2) reaches the semi-finals for the first time since 1986 and has a chance to win a medal for the first time since bronze that year.

“We didn’t do it today, but we will use what we learned today and tomorrow we will learn how to improve it,” said Canada captain Natalie Achongwa. “We still have one game left (against Australia) where we can get a medal, but that’s just as important for us.”

It was the 29th straight World Cup win for the USA, which has not lost since the 2006 semi-final against Russia. The Soviet Union holds the World Cup record with her 56 consecutive victories between 1959 and her 1986. It is the second time in history that the United States has reached her fourth straight final in the Women’s World Cup. They also did it from 1979 to 1990, winning three times.

The American is averaging 101 points per game, his previous best being 99.1 in 1994.


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