Usa Beats Puma 3-0, Straightens Course With Apertura

USA Beats Puma 3-0, Straightens Course With Apertura

MEXICO CITY (AP) — In the four US friendly games, the USA spent more time on the plane than in training. Because of this, his Argentinian coach, Fernando Ortiz, urged him to calm down a bit to translate his thoughts.

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After five days of preparation, the Eagles relied on goals from Chile’s Diego Valdes, Uruguay’s Jonathan Rodriguez and Alejandro Zendejas to beat Puma 3-0 in the Classic in the Mexican capital.

Valdes had the net first with 38, “Cavecita” Rodríguez gave the game a course with a goal on 56, and Zendejas scored the third with 77.

“I told them on a weekday, it took a week of work because the players were unloading, it’s hard to plan for a weekday game, but a detailed week of work has already reflected it on the field and today. I could see it being done,” Ortiz said.

The Eagles had two wins in the tournament for the first time and placed 9th on 10 points, but are awaiting other results from the day.

America is one game short. He held it off and played his four friendly matches on the courts of Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid, LAFC and the United States.

“We played a great game against a team we wanted to win, as planned for the week. I have a lot of respect for them, but from the very beginning the USA showed that we want to win,” Ortiz said. added. “I’m happy with the players. They deserved a win like this in the City Classic.”

The Pumas lost their first match of the tournament, placing them in the 11th step with 8 points remaining.

“We haven’t found a way to play fast and compete against rivals who have a hierarchy. The team is down and will have to go out on Thursday and find the best interpreter to turn this sad black page. This week. ‘ said Argentinian coach Andrés Lilini.

The college students also have a postponed pending match against Barcelona, ​​which they won 6-0 at the Camp Nou last Sunday.

The two losses weigh even more heavily on the Pumas, as management has unusually increased investment in signings this year to break through a title drought dating back to Clausura in 2011.

“There was pressure from day one, but now that the quality and prestige of the team have improved, we have to show that because we are all at Puma. rice field. “But we are professionals. We need to be proud of the situation to move forward.”

CHIVAS achieve Agonic Draw, but still can’t win

Carlos Cisneros scored in the closing minutes of the match as Chivas avoided a home defeat by drawing 1-1 with Atlas in the Guadalajara City Classic.

Colombian forward Julián Quiñones scored in the 62nd minute, but Cisneros equalized in the 83rd minute.

The two-time champions and two-time defending champions now have eight points and sit in 15th place with two games remaining.

Despite the tough goal, Chivas remain one of two teams without a win over eight days, alongside bottom-placed Queretaro, and remain penultimate of the 18 teams with six points. .

With Miguel Ponce’s exit, Guadalajara, who have played with 10 players since 38 games, will try to break their inertia next Friday when they face Necasa on their 10th date.

Chivas postponed the match against Tigress for nine days and will play in September.

gunboat surprise

With three touchdowns in the first 20 minutes, Mazatlan surprised Leon by beating Leon 3–0.

Colombian defender Haine Barreiro scored an own goal in the 5th minute, compatriot Nicolas Benedetti scored in the 8th minute and Venezuela’s Eduardo Bello added a goal in the 17th minute.

Mazatlán won two games in a row for the first time in the tournament, now on nine points, and placed ninth while waiting for other results on the eighth day of the Apertura.

León have suffered two consecutive defeats for the third time in their last four games, leaving them with nine units in the tenth step and a bigger goal difference than Masatorecos.

La Fiera will need to act quickly as they face Santos and Pachuca this week.


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