USA Is Mexico’s Semi-final Advancer, Adding 10 Without Losing

Mexico City (AP) — Enri Martin, Chile’s Diego Valdés and Alejandro Sendehas scored in the United States, beating Puebla 3-2 on Saturday to reach their first semi-final in the Klausla tournament in Mexico. I did.

Martin started scoring at 42, Valdes converted the penalty at 58 and Zendehas gave the series a decisive course at 73.


The Eagles have won with a total score of 4-2 and are waiting for the results of other series to meet their next rivals.

The United States has not lost since the ninth day of losing to Monterrey in the first match of Argentina’s Fernando Ortiz, who took over from his dismissed compatriot Santiago Solari.

Since then, the team has won seven times and drawn three times, and has moved to the group’s direct qualifying from the end.

The Eagles will play their first semi-finals after losing to Monterrey, although Apertura in 2019 reached the finals.

45-year-old Israel Legess and 90-year-old Venezuela Fernando Alistegieta scored Puebla, who remained at the end of the first semi-final after Apertura lost to Leon in 2021.

Spain’s Alvaro Fidalgo put the Eagles forward in 41st place and used a cross from the right to convert to the right post in the header, making it 1-0.

Puebla caught up with a tie in a corner kick play before half-time. Argentina’s Juan Pablo Segovia hit the header, leaving Reyes with the ball. Reyes threw a bike kick and overcame Guillermo Ochoa’s throw.

When Henry Martin hit the crossbar, the United States approached taking the lead on the 51st.

The Eagles regained their lead shortly after Diego de Buen fouled Bruno Valdez of Paraguay in the area.

Chilean Valdes imposed the first penalty that Paraguayan goalkeeper Anthony Silva refused, but VAR decided he was ahead. On the second occasion, Valdes was converted by force.

In the 72nd minute, Puebla approached the draw with Ochoa’s inherited shot by Alistegieta.

In the next play, Ochoa quickly served Pedro Aquino of Peru, who supported Valdes. The Chileans sent the ball to Zendejas, who turned on a low shot to overcome Silva’s throw.

The leader is also a semi-finalist

Argentine striker Nicolas Ibañez double-signed and Pachuca defeated Atletico de San Luis 3-2 to advance to the semi-finals of the Klausla tournament.

Ibanez took advantage of the rebounds in the area to preempt Tuzos in the 48th minute. At the discount, he added a little for Tuzos.

Argentine defender Gustavo Cabral is a leader after 17 days on a regular calendar and adds a goal at 68 for locals waiting for the results of the other two quarterfinal series to meet their next rival. Did.

Atlético de São Luís surprised Monterrey in the playoffs, with 52-year-old Ricardo Chavez and 90-year-old Uruguay’s Abel Hernandez scoring.

Pachuca took the lead by shooting in a small area with Ibanez taking advantage of a rebound from his compatriot Marcelo Barobello.

Atletico caught up with the tie shortly after Chavez appeared alone in the area and scored in the header.

Los Tuzos opened the scoreboard with a corner kick play, Victor Gusman put his head in the box and stretched the ball, and Cabral scored a goal inside the box to 2-1.

Pachuca was able to widen the lead in 78th place, but Ibanez crashed a penalty kick from the crossbar.

At the end of the regulation time, Ibáñez stole a cross from the left side and shot from the right side.


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