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Categories: World News

USA: Study If Vaccinated Can Contract, Transmit COVID

WASHINGTON (AP) – Scientists are trying to answer two of the most pressing questions for millions of people vaccinated against COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday: Can they get the disease without exhibiting symptoms, and if so can they transmit it? ?

Fauci told the White House press conference on Friday that a study is underway with 12,000 students from about 20 universities.

“It is a problem of extreme importance,” he said. “It will help make science-based decisions about wearing masks and maintaining social distancing after vaccination.

Half of the students will receive the Moderna vaccine and the other half will serve as a control group, to receive the vaccine four months later.

All students will keep a daily electronic journal, swab their noses daily, and occasionally give blood samples. They will also give the names of the people with whom they have close contact. Fauci said the answers will be known in about five months.

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