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In 2006, Andrea Noli and Jorge Salinas were in a relationship while the actor was married to Fatima Boggio. From this romance, Valentina was born, who is currently 14 years old and wants to dedicate herself to acting like her parents.

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Valentina Noli, the unrecognized daughter of Mexican actor Jorge Salinas, is a beautiful teenager who has never lived with her father, but her mother has taken care of her and raising her away from television cameras.


However, the daughter of the protagonist of “Red Sky” has managed to gain public attention due to her beauty. The young woman has great popularity on social networks, as her Instagram account exceeds 12 thousand followers.

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Thanks to her networks, we can see that Valentina inherited the beauty and personality of Andrea Noli, who before becoming an actress ventured into the world of fashion, participating in several catwalks. Now the young woman is following in her mother’s footsteps, since she has been signed by the Look modeling agency.


In addition to venturing into the world of modeling, Valentina Noli wants to be an actress. The mother of the teenager revealed during an interview with the Mexican television program “Ventaneando” that her daughter is beginning to do castings and that she is doing very well.

“This is the beginning and this is a lot of trial and error, and he does many castings to move forward and keep something,” said the actress. “What did not beat me is that I started very young because leaving school to dedicate myself to the profession, being a child actress, is not what I like the most. However, it is very nice that when you have the facility or talent for something you can discover it. The earlier you find out the better, ”he added.

The interpreter made it clear that she will always support her daughter in her decisions. “I am here to give you wings. And if she is want ing to enter the environment in which I am, then what better way to protect and guide her ”, he confessed.

“We will see, later, if he chooses to stay in this profession or study other things. But I am very happy and motivating her a lot, precisely with that mentality, that one has to give the best of oneself in everything: in the race, in life, “he mentioned.

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The antagonist of “Eternal Night” revealed in an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante that for a time Valentina exploited her artistic side by writing poems and songs for her absent father, since she has never had contact with the actor.

“She was six or seven years old, she wrote poems for him, she wrote songs for him. He asked me about him but I wrote him a WhatsApp message telling him that she needed to have a contact with him, if he could somehow get closer so that she could meet him, ”Andrea commented.

The 48-year-old actress explained that this was the only time she tried to get Jorge Salinas to get close to Valentina, but did not get a favorable response. To this day, the artist confesses that her daughter no longer wants to meet her father due to the lack of interest she has noticed on her part.

However, Noli does not rule out the possibility that in the future Valentina will have that long-awaited communication with the actor. “We must not take the attitudes of the past that have hurt us a lot. However, in this and in what I am firm, it is that I do not want anything else to see her, to know her, it is not about that and at some point I told her, “he said.


In the early 2000s, Jorge Salinas was in a legal dispute with his ex, Adriana Cataño, after he denied being the father of Gabriella Cataño, who was born in September 1995. After three months, and a DNA test, the publicly accepted, according to El Universal published. From that moment, a father and daughter relationship began.

Throughout the last twenty years, Jorge Salinas has had several partners. In 2006, while he was married to Fatima Boggio, Valentina was born, the daughter he still does not recognize to this day.

After several scandals, the actor formed a family with actress Elizabeth Álvarez, with whom he has been married for 10 years. The twins León and Máxima, 5 years old, are the result of her marriage to Álvarez. He is also the father of twins Santiago and Jorge Emilio, 16, children he had with Fatima Boggio.