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Venezuela Denounces US Threats To The UN To Import Iranian Gasoline

The government of Nicolás Maduro denounced this Friday before the UN the supposed threats from the United States against Iranian ships that are planning to supply gasoline to Venezuela.

In a letter, the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, points out the “threat of the use of military force” by Washington against the five Iranian ships that are heading to the Latin American country.

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His letter, which he m ade public through social media, joins a similar one sent to the UN by Iran last week, in which the Tehran government pointed out that it reserves the right to take “appropriate and necessary measures” in the face of threats to impede its transportation of fuel to Venezuela.

Moncada refers to several reports in the US media about the possible reaction of the Donald Trump government to the delivery of Iranian gasoline to Venezuela, although those same reports indicate that Washington is inclined to respond with more sanctions and not with force.

Despite this, the diplomat emphasizes that “if the provocations and threats from the United States materialize in any way, such action would not only constitute an armed military aggression against an Iranian-flag merchant ship and against the Venezuelan people as a whole,” but in the current pandemic situation “would amount to a crime against humanity”.

In the letter, Moncada recalls the presence of US Navy ships in the Caribbean, deployed within an operation against drug trafficking, which he considers a “pretext” and a threat for the imposition of a “naval blockade” against his country.

The message is addressed both to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, and to the Security Council, which this week dealt with the Venezuelan crisis at the request of Russia, after the failed operation that earlier this month tried to remove Maduro from the power.


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