Very Sexy, Natti Natasha Touches Daddy Yankee's Daughter's Rear Guard

Much has been rumored about a possible sentimental relationship between Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee, due to the closeness of both artists outside the workplace. But the truth is that this great union on the part of the singer extends to the whole family of reggaeton.

Proof of this is that Daddy Yankee's daughter, Jesaaelys Ayala, is the one who often makes up Natti, and now, as another example of her friendship, she has published some photos in which both appear in very suggestive poses.

Accompanying one of the Instagram images, Jesaaelys wrote: "We are bad girls, but we do it well … right?", While in the other one you see Natti Natasha touching Daddy Yankee's daughter's butt. For now, the singer has advanced what could be her next single, to be released on October 4.


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