Vicky White And Casey White Paid Someone To Book Their Hotel, Investigators Say

Vicky and Casey White paid sex offender 0:46

(WABNEWS) – Vicky White and Casey White, the jailer and inmate who escaped from an Alabama prison on April 29, paid a man to help them book a hotel in Indiana during the time they fled, amid of a persecution that lasted 11 days.

The fugitives paid the man $100 to use his identification card to reserve a room at Motel 41 in Evansville, Indiana, Vanderburgh County Sheriff David Wedding said.


It was at that hotel that officers saw the couple leave a room and drive away in a Cadillac, leading to an intense chase that ended when Casey White was pulled from the wrecked car to arrest him and Vicky White was found with a gunshot wound. bullet self-inflicted in the head.

The man did not commit any crime by accepting the money and reserving the room, Wedding explained to WABNEWS. “As far as we know, we don’t think he knew they were criminals,” she said.

Casey White disclosed that transaction to investigators during a post-arrest interview, Wedding said.

This was the capture of Casey White after a chase 3:41

The man was arrested on drug charges — unrelated to the Vicky White and Casey White case — on May 12 and is being held on $500 bail. The individual corroborated White’s story while behind bars. Wedding noted. Police reported that he is a sex offender and is currently homeless.

Casey White, 38, is now being held at the William E. Donaldson Correctional Center, a state prison in Bessemer, Alabama.

He faces escape charges related to his April 29 escape in which authorities say Vicky White was helped. The 56-year-old woman was deputy director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Detention Center, where Casey White was being held to attend hearings on murder charges in the stabbing death of connie ridgewayan Alabama resident, in 2015.

Casey White allegedly confessed to killing Ridgeway in 2020, but later pleaded not guilty under insanity.

Casey White was transferred to the Lauderdale County facility from a state prison, where he was already serving a 75 year sentence for a crime spree committed in 2015, including home invasion, carjacking and a police chase, according to the US Marshals Service.

Investigators have stated that they believe Casey White and Vicky White, who are not related, met in jail and had a clandestine romantic relationship.

The chase ends in Vicky White’s dramatic accident and Casey White Sheriff details Casey White’s transfer back to prison 0:43

During the intense search, authorities got a clue that the couple was in Evansville and identified the Cadillac they were believed to be using in the motel parking lot on May 9.

The manager of the Indiana motel told WABNEWS he never saw the fugitives and didn’t know they were staying there.

Investigators believe Vicky White and Casey White have been in Evansville since at least May 2, when city police proactively checked the license plate of a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup, the Evansville police chief said last week. Billy Bolin.

Authorities now believe the couple purchased the car in Tennessee, but the May 2 search did not indicate any connection between the vehicle and the fugitives, Bolin said.

Members of the US Marshals Service searching for the jailer and prisoner said May 8 they learned that the van had been abandoned at an Evansville car wash. A fact that, according to Bolin, was initially reported to the city police on May 4.

Hours before the chase, the Marshals Service announced that surveillance footage from the car wash showed Casey White there with the truck on May 3. Investigators discovered the couple left the car wash in a Cadillac, Wedding said. But she added that she did not know how the jailer and the prisoner obtained that vehicle.

The same day, an Evansville police officer spotted the Cadillac in the motel parking lot and “immediately notified us,” Wedding said.

Authorities saw Vicky White leave a room wearing a wig, said Marty Keely of the US Marshals Service. She and Casey White then got into the Cadillac and drove away.

The authorities chased them. The couple “fled the hotel parking lot, headed north on US Highway 41 (and) headed for an industry known as Anchor here in Evansville,” Wedding said last week.

“They went through the parking lot (and) went through a grassy field. The task force members basically rammed the vehicle and pushed it into a ditch,” Wedding said at a news conference.

The car crashed and flipped, Keely said. Casey White was driving the car, according to the US Marshals Service.

The Cadillac in the scene where the chase ended.

Casey White reportedly told authorities to help “his wife” who had shot herself in the head and pointed out that he didn’t do it, according to Keely. Casey White and Vicky White were not married as far as investigators know, Keely said.

Authorities preliminarily believe Vicky White committed suicide “once the vehicle crashed,” Wedding added.

An Indiana coroner confirmed Thursday that she committed suicide.



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