Victoria Fayad: Everything You Need To Know About Victoria Ruffo’s Daughter

Essentially the children of the actress Victoria Ruffo live a very private life and one could even say that until now, very anonymous. However, it is she herself who was in charge – on several occasions – of sharing posts on her Instagram that detail a little more about their lives.

Despite the fact that both Victoria and her brother Anuar (the 16-year-old twins) have been leading their lives very hidden, unlike their older stepbrother Eduardo Derbez -who is a public figure and follows in the footsteps of his father Eduardo- he would be releasing new groom.

It should be noted that Victoria Fayad is the daughter of the current marriage of Victoria Ruffo and the governor of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad Meneses. The young girl today with her 16 years was staying very far from the world of entertainment and entertainment. However, this is all you need to know about Victoria Ruffo’s daughter.



Clearly, because she is the “daughter” of one of the best and most prominent actresses in Mexican soap oper as, Victoria’s life is always in the public interest. From a very young age she respected herself much more, but now that she is taking her independent steps, even Ruffo herself is the one who proudly shows her steps through life.

That is why everything you should know about Victoria Ruffo’s daughter, as well as her brother Anuar, is thanks to the actress’s fans who are always very aware of everything they publish and punctually in the photos that appear .

After learning that Victoria Fayad herself does not upload many things to her social networks, this time she caught the attention of more than one. It is a photograph where the young woman is seen surrounded by rose petals, which the boyfriend himself would have prepared for her as a surprise.

Everything immediately seemed to be one more meeting like any other with friends. However, there were accomplices for it to come to light that her boyfriend wanted to formally propose to “be her boyfriend”.

Of everything you should know about Victoria Ruffo’s daughter, the answer to that proposal was more than obvious and it was very clear in the shared images. It can be assured that the young Vicky is launching a new boyfriend and Victoria Ruffo was very happy and proud.

How could it be otherwise, the actress could not resist taking the opportunity to give a “like” to the photograph and show the happiness she feels for the beginning of this new story.

Did you imagine it? Victoria Fayad: Everything you need to know about Victoria Ruffo’s daughter is no longer entirely private.