Victory Suffered Against Linares And Advance To The Second Round Of The Copa Del Rey


MINUTE 90 + 3: End of the match, Barcelona beat Linares 2-1 and reached the second round of the Copa del Rey. Great comeback thanks to goals from Dembelé and Jutglá.

MINUTE 90: Three more are added. Barcelona is qualifying for the round of 16.


MINUTE 81: Forgive Linares to Barcelona, ​​they steal the ball from Mingueza, although with a foul, but they hurry and the action ended with a deflected shot.

MINUTE 77: Dembelé’s brutal left-footed shot crashes into the post.

MINUTE 74: Linares shot that crashes into the post. Barcelona is saved.

MINUTE 68: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Barcelona, ​​Ferran Jutglà made it 2-1 against Linares with a right shot to the post furthest from the goalkeeper.

MINUTE 66: A goal to Linares is annulled for an offside. A soccer player covered Neto’s view.

MINUTE 62: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Barcelona, ​​Dembelé makes it 1-1 against Linares with a long-distance left-footed shot. The goalkeeper of the premises was able to do something else in the action.

MINUTE 60: Left-handed Dembelé passes to one side of the goal.

MINUTE 57: Great filtered pass from Dani Alves to De Jong, who did not arrive in time to push the ball. He had been hand in hand with the Linares goalkeeper.

MINUTE 50: Hold on for the moment the Linares, which is 40 minutes from the feat.

MINUTE 46: First changes in Barcelona, ​​Dembélé, F. De Jong and Piqué enter. Exit Araujo, Riqui Puig and Ilias.

MINUTE 46: The second half between Linares and Barcelona begins for the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey.

MINUTE 45 + 1: End of the first half, Linares is defeating Barcelona 1-0, who is staying out of the Copa del Rey.

MINUTE 45: Jordi Alba forgives Linares for not being able to connect a center from the right.

MINUTE 44: Long-distance shot by Eric García that passed very close to the Linares goal.

MINUTE 42: Riqui Puig could not connect well the center from the right. He finished off first and with a volley, but the ball went up.

MINUTE 40: Barcelona does not find the goal. At the moment he is being eliminated from the Copa del Rey with this marker.

MINUTE 33: Jordi Alba’s move on the left and Nico’s final shot was blocked by the culé defense.

MINUTE 30: Linares 1-0 Barcelona.

MINUTE 24: Nico González shot from long distance and the Linares goalkeeper kept the ball.

MINUTE 22: Barcelona seeks to react, Linares defends himself in an orderly manner. 84 percent is the possession that Xavi’s team registers for now.

MINUTE 18: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Linares, Hugo Díaz scores 1-0 against Barcelona and they are giving the big surprise. Carnicer’s great center and the attacker finished off with a header.

MINUTE 17: UFFFF … The one that Barcelona just missed, a move by Dani Alves, a filtered pass to Ilias and the youth squad took a shot from the right crossed in front of the goal, but went to one side.

MINUTE 12: Error in the exit of Riqui Puig and Carnicer, Linares midfielder, takes a very wide right hand.

MINUTE 8: Barcelona handles the ball at will. It is the team that takes the initiative.

MINUTE 5: Barcelona’s corner kick, Araujo connects with his head and the ball passes near the goal. UUUUFFF … Cerquita passed the round.

MINUTE 3: Tremendous atmosphere in Linarejos. A full stadium the compromise is played.

MINUTE 1: The match between Barcerlona and Linares for the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey begins.

12:27 pm: Both teams take the field. Dani Alves will make his rebuttal with Barcelona.

12:00 pm: Xavi Hernández’s Barcelona will make their debut in the Copa del Rey after starting 2022 with a great victory in Mallorca for the Spanish League. The Barça team debuts against Linares, a club that belongs to group II of the First RFEF (third category in Spain).


Linares: Razak; Perejón, Guerrero, Josema, Barbosa; Sanchidrián, Rodri, Meléndez, Carnicer; Copete and Hugo Díaz.

Barcelona: Net; Mingueza, Eric García, Araujo; Dani Alves, Nico, Busquets, Riqui Puig, Jordi Alba; Ilias and Jutglà.

* Welcome to the minute by minute of Barcelona’s game against Linares for the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey.