Video Belinda Frequently Received Lupillo Rivera At Home

Video Belinda frequently received Lupillo Rivera at home | Instagram

Through a video posted on the internet, it was shown that Mexican regional music singer Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, better known as Lupillo Rivera, constantly visited Belinda at home.

A few months ago Lupillo and Belinda were involved in rumors that they both had a relationship, even the wedding theme was mentioned.


Both denied these rumors, however, recently, when the "La Voz MĂ©xico" program ended, Lupillo decided to make a complaint about it.

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The interpreter of "They had already told me" accepted to have fallen deeply in love with Belinda and that the five months that the program lasted lived something too special with the singer of "Ni Freud nor your mother".

In the video in question you can see the Lupillo van entering the garage of Belinda's home twice, to confirm that it was the singer's house he was seen entering the place through the front door.

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Lupillo is currently divorced from MarĂ­a Mayeli Alonso, mother of two of her children, a girl and a boy, 13 and 9 years old and with whom he was married since 2006, this was the singer's second marriage.

In May of this year the couple announced their separation after twelve years of relationship, it should be remembered that March 27 was the day that Lupillo met Belinda.

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"I met Belinda in the voice in March, March 27 was a very special day very special and August 27 was the end, it was 5 months and she was a woman I loved madly, a woman that I honestly honestly told her I would have lowered the sky and the stars, I had never loved a woman so much in my life, "said Lupillo Rivera.

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Perhaps it can be speculated that their affair had something to do with the separation of Lupillo and Mayeli, but it would have to be investigated whether they would have problems before meeting Belinda.

In his first marriage that lasted fifteen years with MarĂ­a Gorola, he had four daughters: Ayana Rivera, Abigail Rivera, Angelica Rivera and Baby Rivera.

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