Video Of Hernández Partying With Young Women

A video of the elderly millionaire Rodolfo Hernández having fun in Miami with young women on a yacht fueled this Friday the war of leaks on the eve of the presidential runoff in Colombia against the leftist Gustavo Petro.

Although the images recorded last year do not reveal any improper or criminal action, the opponents of the independent candidate took advantage of them to present him as a macho, after his sexist sayings about women.

The information portal Cambio published a video of almost eight minutes of the 77-year-old tycoon with two of his children, other men and a dozen young women in swimsuits dancing and sharing liquor.


Dressed in his usual long-sleeved polo shirt, Hernández speaks in the ear of one of the women in one part of the sequence. Later, he approaches to hug another of them, but the woman moves away from her when she notices the camera.

“Painful and very sad. This campaign exposed that we continue to live in a deeply macho country, which sees women as sexual objects (…) As a woman, the mother of a girl and a politician, my soul hurts,” launched the MP-elect Katherine Miranda, who supports Petro.

Faced with the avalanche of memes, ridicule and criticism, Hernández responded on Twitter: “They think it’s bad that I’m on vacation in Miami in 2021, but they don’t think it’s bad that Petro (…) with tremendous drunkenness gets on the platforms to speak to the voters.

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The candidate, who entered this campaign as an “outsider” with no party or ideology, alluded to an episode in which his rival gave a drunken speech, which later forced him to apologize to his electorate.

On the eve of Sunday’s voting, Petro and Hernández wage a stark battle to tip the balance against the technical tie indicated by the polls.

The self-proclaimed “king of TikTok” also evoked another leak in which Petro advisers plot strategies to discredit their opponents before the first round on May 29, in which the leftist won with 40% of the support.

At a party that looks more like gangsters than a presidential candidate, it becomes clear that Rodolfo Hernández and his children are a gang. Are you receiving contributions for the Pfizer campaign against the interests of the country?

— Armando Benedetti (@AABenedetti) June 17, 2022

The magazine Semana, which published the recordings of Petro’s campaign last week, assured that they received them from an anonymous source.

Cambio also claims to have obtained the material from a confidential source who identified one of the attendees as a senior executive of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which the company denies.

Colombians will decide on Sunday between an unprecedented leftist government headed by Petro and one commanded by Hernández, who summarizes his government program as reducing the weight of the state and fighting corruption.

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