VIDEO: Pedro Rivera Jr. Makes Internet Users Uncomfortable Due To a Strange Congratulation To Chiquis

Mexico City.- This Friday, June 26, the famous singer, Chiquis Rivera, is on long tablecloths, for her 35th birthday and is celebrating the best for one more year of life.

For the celebration, Jenni Rivera’s daughter received lots of congratulations through social networks, both from fans and from people very close to her, each one more special than the others.

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However, among all the messages that the young woman received, one stood out, because in addition to being extremely rare, many were intrigued by the fact that it was from someone from the same family.

Chiquis’ uncle, the pastor, Pedro Rivera Jr., shared through social media a video quite uncomfortable to watch and which was direct to his niece.

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On the recording, Pedro Jr. can be seen with a very direct approach to his face, while trying to make several gestures to make his congratulatory message.

Chi Chiquis he happybirthday he God bless you, your to Pete love you “, said the singer’s un.

Despite the fact that for some it was funny, for all it was not, as several assumed that it would be offending people with a mental disability, for which it was widely criticized.

With information from: Instagram @chicapicosa



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