“Violence Is Not Normal,” Martha Cristiana Shouts And Reveals Abuse Of Her Ex

The actress and model published in her Twitter account and on Instagram the details of one of the hardest moments she lived next to her children’s father.

Martha Cristiana Merino She is a beautiful, successful woman, with a prolific career in acting and the fashion universe, even Chris Martin (Coldplay) He went to one of his parades in Mexico, however, despite these achievements, the businesswoman lived in her marriage moments of terror because she was a victim of violence.


Christian Martha he turned to his account Twitter to break the silence and reveal the “bitter drink” he lived with Raul Martínez Ostos, his ex-husband, whom he revealed was violent with her on many occasions and now decided, within the framework of the mega march on March 8 and the effort # A Day Without Us Make your own experience public.

Explained Merino in a Thread in the social network, in which he also denounced how top personalities of the industry turned his back on him: “(There are) tremendous misogyny practices in the middle and that people (women) shut up for fear of losing work / privileges,” he accepted and stressed the rejection he had to face.

“Instead of doing self-analysis or having self-criticism, they get upset because how Christian Martha He was able to speak ill of his children’s father. The question is: if it bothers you that a person like me DEnounces violence (of which my children were also subjected at the time), “wrote the actress.

Christian Martha He described the humiliations he suffered in their relationship: “For them this type of violence is normal. It is having a bad character. It is that you press the worst buttons. Because they only get angry with you. Because … WHY? Violence It is not normal in any of its manifestations.

“That they ration your money is economic violence, that they make you feel every day that you are wrong and that you are not enough because you do everything wrong, it is psychological and emotional violence AND IT IS NOT NORMAL. And that the weevils of the world of cinema and the show is offended because I WOMAN denounced, speaks worse of them than what they wanted to condemn, “he said. Merino.

The model made an urgent call: “Misogyny is super naturalized in Mexico and is not normal either. COMPLAINT. Being a feminist is an asset, not a defect.” Martha Christian He found unconditional support among his followers, but there were also criticisms, so he responded to his detractors.