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Viral Video | I Deceive Mother Level: He Tells Her That They Will Go To a Chayanne Concert In Monterrey, But He Takes Her To Receive The Vaccine | TikTok | Mexico | Trends | Trends | Nnda Nnrt | MEXICO

Chayanne is, without a doubt, the “Kryptonite” of most mothers in Latin America, since everything related to the Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, dancer and actor excites them a lot, especially if it comes to seeing him live. A viral video replicated in more than one social network features a young man from Mexico who, taking advantage of his mother’s fanaticism towards the ‘Torero’ interpreter, tricked her into taking her to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

In the images of less than a minute, originally published on May 8 on TikTok by the account @medinnaoficial and replicated shortly after on different social platforms, a person is seen driving a truck through the streets of Monterrey with his mother copilot, who is very excited to see Chayanne in concert, until they come across a long line of vehicles.

“Is this the line to see Chayanne?”, The woman asked her son, who, following the game, replied that this is because the 52-year-old artist is “a celebrity”, although in the end he decides to confess his true intentions. “Well, what do you think, Mom? Chayanne is not even in Monterrey. I brought you to vaccinate, “he specified, to which his mother – giving him a blow – replied:” What a bastard! Is that why you brought me here?

To try to appease his mother’s fury, the author of the viral TikTok video reminded him when she took him without his permission to vaccinate him when he was little and even emphasizes that now that he will be immunized, it will be easier for him to see the singer on alive. “It made me very beautiful that you were to take me to see Chayanne. All my life asking you … ”, snapped the lady before receiving her dose of the vaccine against COVID-19.

So far, the viral TikTok video has more than 5’300,000 views, around 1’000,000 ‘Likes’ and thousands of comments, of which most made all kinds of jokes related to the lady’s fanaticism towards Chayanne, although others did not hesitate to ensure that everything was acted out and that the histrionic abilities of its protagonists left much to be desired.

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