Virginia De La Mora Returns To ” The Flower House ” For Its Grand Finale

Isabel Burr will lead the cast of the third season of the Netflix series, in which the plot focuses on the young years of the family matriarch.

Manolo Expensive achieved in 2018 that Veronica Castro Embrace the new way of making content, he also convinced her to give life to a character far removed from her soap opera heroines: Virginia de la Mora, who for personal reasons abandoned the project in the second season, but for the grand finale the role revives to count his youthful years.


Netflix today launched the teaser from the last installment in the series The flower housewith which Manolo he reinvented the genre of melodrama, endowing it with modern and problematic overtones without censorship. Now the director will take the story to 1979 to experience the most unbridled years of Virginia, who will be interpreted by Isabel Burr.

“Let’s see, what would you say to your future self?” He asks From The black berry to Ernesto already Salo, who clearly failed to meet their expectations and did everything wrong. When the protagonist’s turn comes to respond, she is very direct: “I would say to myself: ‘Forget everything your mother has told you, that what others say is worth a cucumber.'”

An extra tip is given: “Now put the speck down, pi *** e Virginia! “, something that did not happen either. teaser go on and see how everyone lives “without fear of what might happen”, between parties and social movements, with a good dose of eroticism. The arrival of Ximena Sariñana Y Christian Chavez also seen.

The actors appear in just a few seconds, but they will clearly be important in the story. “Each saint has his hour”, is the copy accompanying the new opening in which it is appreciated that everyone will be back: Cecilia Suarez (Paulina de la Mora), Aislinn Derbez (Elena), Dario Yazbek (Julian) Y Juan Pablo Medina (Diego, Pregnant!).

So the surprises promise to be many with Arturo Rios (Ernesto) and a favorite, Paco Leon (Maria Jose); another addition will be that of Rebecca Jones. To generate even more excitement, along with the two advances, Netflix decided it was time to announce the premiere date for the final season of The flower house, April 23th.