Visatch Aims To Remove Provisional Coach Label

Henderson, Nevada (AP) —Rich Visatch has just finished his first match as an interim coach for the Las Vegas Raiders in mid-October. Defeated Broncos 34-24.

The stars of the team ran back to express the atmosphere of the bystanders.


“I didn’t seem to be worried. It was weird. Everyone seems calm. Jacobs said, referring to the difference between Visatch and former coach Jon Gruden.

There is another notable difference between the two. Visatch has achieved what Gruden hasn’t achieved since returning to coach in 2018. The Raiders will play in the playoffs.

The Las Vegas team had serious problems off the field this season. Gruden resigned after an email scandal. Henry Rags III was cut off after police accused him of being drunk and crashing a car and killing a woman. Damon Arnett also left the team after posting a video online showing that he was threatening someone with a gun. Nate Hobbes was arrested for drunk driving last week.

However, the Raiders won an unexpected playoff run with a final second victory over the Los Angeles Chargers to secure a ticket.

“All of our coach staff are very proud of the team and how they compete,” Visatch said after a 35-32 victory in Los Angeles on Sunday. “This is what we are trying to preach every day. We are looking for ways to improve a little and make progress at the end of the day.

And without anxiety, apparently.

For the team, moving at the 1-5 mark in the midst of that transition is a bit complicated. During that stretch, he was outpointed to 194-103. And one of those losses came home against the team Cincinnati Bengals he faced in the first round.

However, the team hosted by Bengals on Saturday is very different from the team that won 32-13 on November 21st.

And it all starts from the top.

Visatch has a reason to aspire to remove the provisional label from his position. In addition to non-sports issues, overcoming injuries and a positive COVID-19 test calmed the team.

The Raiders will be the first postseason since the 20016 campaign and the second postseason since representing AFC in the 2002 Super Bowl season.

They hope that four consecutive victories will give them the fuel they need to work in a short week to take revenge on Cincinnati and stay alive.

Charles Woodson told The Associated Press after the match on Sunday that “life has definitely given them a lot of ways, given that everything this team has experienced so far has been overcome to be in this position.” Said. “By playing off, no one takes a shot at them.”

Anyone except Bisatch.


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