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San Juan, Puerto Rico.- Walter Mercado was for a long time one of the most wanted and followed characters due to his predictions based on the study he made of the stars, however, they were not always wise.

An example of this was when in 2015 he said regarding the future political future of Donald Trump, who at that time aspired to the presidency of the United States.

His dream of being president of the most important nation in the world, that is, of the United States, will fade away as the people discover their 'egocentry', xenophobia, wrong intentions and lack of knowledge. Astrologically, Mr. Donald Trump is seen very little political future, "said Mercado.


Walter Mercado and Donald Trump

Who made the words famous "but much, much love", during 50 years of experience, in 2012 also erred in ensuring that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez would die not because of the cancer that affected him but because of a strange disease in the head and that it would be terrible and very painful his death.

He will die from a malignant sore, which has not been seen, is a terrible disease, "he said at the time.

Walter dedicated himself to bringing his predictions to the entire American continent, he died on Saturday at age 87, but he did not always have bad results, he could also predict events such as the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Madonna's leading role in the film Avoid, the arrival to the presidency of Bill Clinton, the birth of the first son of the presenter Xuxa and the arrival of the last baby of Julio Iglesias.




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