Wellness Tourism: The Main Trends For 2023

Wellness Tourism: The Main Trends For 2023

By Escapada H Writing

Written in TRENDS on 1/18/2023 2:03 p.m.

There are many ways to travel better. This seems to be the slogan that, in recent years, has driven the ambitious diversification of personal improvement experiences that we find around the world. If in 2017, the Global Wellness Institute already reported a value of 639 billion dollars and a growth that, between 2015 and 2017, doubled that of the rest of the industry, the emergence of a pandemic and the consolidation of health and the strengthening Physical and mental as one of the main considerations for travelers when planning their adventures have been in charge of turning well-being into one of the main engines of post-pandemic tourism.


According to the same organization, wellness tourism will achieve an annual growth rate of 21%, which would represent a market of more than one billion dollars by 2024 but, even more important, the development of new programs designed to attract more and more visitors who want to turn their journeys –relaxation, adventure, cultural, family and even professional– into opportunities to work on their health.

growing wellness

Some of the trends that will govern wellness travel this year.

the path of science

It is increasingly common to find destinations and resorts that have reimagined their wellness programs and spa menus to incorporate the latest medical and scientific advances. One example is Aman New York, opened in August of last year, which offers studies to diagnose factors such as the cardiovascular and cognitive health of its guests and personalize their treatments.

professional wellness

Business, convention and incentive tourism, one of the segments most affected during the pandemic, makes use of the growing popularity of wellness projects to chart a future where work trips do not mean the interruption of health practices of the guests, but rather take advantage of the visit to increase the value of the trip.

Withdrawal Collection

At the same time that the borders of wellness tourism are fractured to admit new definitions and more experiences, one of its banners is also transformed: today, multi-day retreats can be dedicated to treating grief and different types of addictions; to come into contact with plants and animals as a form of therapy, or to adopt new diets with rigorous programs.

In the map

Three destinations that reinforce its offer of wellness experiences.

desert properties

Between the forests that descend the slopes of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the desert that extends to the north, Durango –the fourth largest state in the country but the 31st in population density– is a paradise where rivers, the waterfalls and canyons are perfect for a trip into nature and away from the stimuli of the city.

northern wealth

While the New England region of the Northeastern United States has not historically stood out as a wellness destination, today a number of spas and resorts have become popular in nearby urban centers such as Boston and New York. , have placed it on the radar of travelers who find the perfect setting on the Atlantic coast to begin their healing journey.

At sunset

Subject to its ecosystem, subject to both the sea and the desert, Morocco is becoming one of the great destinations for wellness tourism. Its traditional hammam – as its public baths are called – is the meeting point between its profound culture and its rejuvenation practices.



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