What Does Kaia Gerber Want To Tell Us With This Photograph?

Kaia Gerber’s Instagram followers are not sure what he was thinking exactly when he decided to share his latest photograph that, if not for his youth and because according to the latest information he remains single after breaking up with Pete Davidson, it would seem a full-fledged ad that she is pregnant.In the image in question the daughter of Cindy Crawford appears posing in profile and with the shirt rolled up to show a somewhat bulging belly than usual, while covering her face with a book entitled ‘The One Minute Mother’ by Spencer Johnson, which compiles different educational techniques to improve the self-esteem of the little ones or impart discipline effectively. “Draw the conclusions you want,” he wrote as the only explanation. If the pregnancy hypothesis is ruled out, there are still several possible meanings to give to that publication: on the one hand, it could simply be making fun of the rumors to each more crazy than have circulated about his private life during the time that his romance with the humorist and former Ariana Grande lasted, or perhaps he only wanted to anticipate any comments that could be made about his physique the next time he appeared in public after perhaps giving himself a meal copious or set aside the gym for a few days.