What Is The Movie Parasite About

If you haven’t seen of heard of this film and have to ask what is the movie parasite about you have a lot of caching up to do.  It is already available on AMAZON.  First of all this is the film of the year it was nominated 6 Oscars and won 4 academy awards.  Its director Bong Joon Ho and leading cast are very happy.

Bong Joon-ho, screenwriter and director of the first Korean film to win an Oscar. Image: twitter

But really what is it about?

The film is about a family where everyone is unemployed and without any job offers.  An opportunity comes along to offer tutoring to a rich family, even if they don’t have the qualifications to provide those services. That little scam scales up until they get tangled up with another family resulting in unpredictable events.

What is the movie parasite about

Is a reflection of how lower and upper class families live in third world countries.  The differences and the harsh truth of life in poverty and how a poor family comes to live and take possession of a luxurious home in Seoul South Korea.

The first scene  shown in this movie is a messy basement at the end of some alley, in which a family is busy folding pizza boxes. Their situation is so precarious that, when an exterminator passes through the street, the father asks not to close the windows to take advantage of the free spray. 

All they want is to live at street level

They take advantage of their roles as servants to daydream inside a home they don’t own but have full control of.

They dream about moving out of their treacherous basement apartment into the luxurious mansion where they work.  This backfires on them and becomes a struggle throughout the film.

There are usually floods and other unhealthy episodes which was a metaphor that shows the state in which this family lives due to capitalism and consumerism all they want is to live at street level.

How many Oscars did parasite win

The Parasite film made Oscar history by winning 4 academy awards in one night and got 6 nominations

Winner of 4 Oscars 2020
  • Best picture
  • Best director
  • Best foreign language film
  • Best original screen play
Nominated 6 times in the Oscars 2020
  • Best production design
  • Best film editing
  • Best picture
  • Best director
  • Best foreign language film
  • Best original screen play

Why did parasite win so many Oscars?

The big success in the Oscars of the Korean film has one factor to consider: in recent years, the Academy has made an important effort to expand its voter base with films that are out of the Hollywood domain.  The academy’s membership has also become more international in recent years.

For the first time since the creation of the award, 92 years ago, a non-English-speaking film won best film.

The 4 times winner of the Oscar ceremony of the Hollywood Academy this will probably go down in history and will probably be a Guinness world record.


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