What Should You Know About SpaceX Space Trip?

MIAMI, FLORIDA – The private space company SpaceX made history Wednesday by sending an all-civilian crew of two men and two women into space for the first time. They were aboard the Dragon capsule and are scheduled to be in space for three days, before returning to Earth. Aerospace engineers insist that this trip, which started from the Cape Canaveral base in Florida, is marking a before and after in trips of this type because the passengers inside the spacecraft are not professional astronauts, not They have deep knowledge of space and do not work for the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) or any other such agency. Who are the members of the mission? The mission, dubbed Inspiration4, is spearheaded by 38-year-old Jared Isaacman, founder of the leading payments technology company Shift4 based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. There is also aeronautical engineer Chris Sembroski (42 years old), medical assistant Hayley Arceneaux (29 years old), who survived bone cancer and is the youngest American to go to space, and scientist and educator Sian Proctor (51 years old). ). How have they prepared? For six months, the members of this trip have been receiving extensive training, which included maneuvers in zero gravity. The goal was to successfully complete the launch at a speed of about 28,160 kilometers per hour and go around planet Earth every 90 minutes, something that has been accomplished. According to SpaceX sources, the four space passengers were also instructed to respond to emergencies, they learned how to enter and exit the spacecraft in space and put on space suits to be prepared for any unforeseen event. How far away will they be from Earth? The two most recent missions of the private company took astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), but this time the passengers have gone to a greater distance: about 575 kilometers from Earth. That is, they will be more than 160 kilometers from what the ISS is. The company stressed that another factor that makes it unmatched so far is that this trip is “further than any other human space flight since the Hubble missions were carried out”, which was about 540 kilometers. In addition, this mission stands out from all those that had been done lately and that have garnered great international attention. Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took suborbital trips and experienced weightlessness for a few minutes, reaching three times the speed of sound. SpaceX founder Elon Musk is also scheduled to travel to space later this year. However, this trip takes a longer duration and, as mentioned above, the spacecraft will be at a greater distance from Earth. A trip with a charitable background The trips of the founders of Amazon and Virgin were criticized by the public opinion due to the high cost of carrying out an experiment of these characteristics and many called it “the whims of billionaires”. Isaacman, who is another tycoon, wanted to distinguish himself from the rest and decided that behind this milestone there would be a charitable purpose. His goal is to raise $ 200 million for the research area of ​​St. Jude Children’s Hospital in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. The Shift4 founder paid for the capsule flight, donated two tickets to that hospital, and the fourth was the result of a raffle that also raised funds for the hospital. In addition, Elon Musk’s company pointed out that this mission aims to complete scientific research to boost human health both on Earth and in long-duration space flights. Two women with history Arceneux, the cancer survivor, was treated as a child at St Jude Hospital. She is also making history on a personal level as she is the first passenger to go into space with a prosthesis that replaces part of her femur. Before embarking on the trip, she confessed that she was very proud to represent all those who are not “physically perfect.” The other woman on the mission, Sian Proctor, also said she was happy and satisfied that she has become the first black woman to go on space travel. When will he return? The flight, which is operated by Isaacman, is scheduled to last approximately 72 hours. After this time, the Dragon capsule will fall into the Atlantic Ocean with the help of parachute, near the coast of Florida, from where it departed. Connect with the ! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications, or follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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