What They Beat Mayor Dove Of Beach Basketball

The Premelody Osteam defeated Los Negros 16-10 and won the 26th version of the Sports Festival Pigeon Mayor / Vicentillo Holy Week 2022 Holy Week Basketball 3 on the floor of the Hector Sports Center-Elbi Kingo- Monegro.

With the help of Enquis Zorrilla, who scored six points, José Rodríguez, who scored eight points, was the top scorer of the Champions Cup and medal RD $ 60,000. Joel Abreu stood out with 5 points and Winder Barbuena with 4 points for the black man who finished second at RD $ 40,000.

In third place was Rompe Discoteca, who defeated Inversiones 12-9 and received RD $ 24,000 in prize money.


In the senior category over 40, the bulldog team, which defeated Mongolia 12-10, won. The winners were Johnson Lewis with 4 points and Carlos Contreras with 3 points, winning RD $ 45,000 in cash, trophies and medals.

The Mongols were the runners-up with RD $ 30,000. They scored Gilberto Mota as the highest scorer with 5 points, followed by Bruce Leo Polanco with 3 points. Third place was P and P, who defeated W12-9, with a prize of 12,000 pesos.

Mayor Atmajor del Rey plans to increase sponsorship at Tournament 3 for 3 at the Mayor Pigeon / Vicentillo Sports Festival in 2023, with Amad de la Cruz, the representative of the city government.

The winner of the Seniors category is RD $ 108,000, sponsored by Mayor Atmayor Del Rey. “Because this is not a Ruben event, in this tournament these games are from the Mayor of Pigeons and all Atmajorness must bet. If successful, the sport has no party colors or religious tastes. Therefore, it means healthy entertainment. “

This is how the mayor declares himself when delivering prizes, trophies and medals to teams worthy of performance in tournaments.

Ruben Dario Cruz, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, thanked the Mayor of Pigeons for their support of “the person of Amado de la Cruz who understood that the tournament was a landmark of our state.”

Billiard Category A was won by Melvin Pérez, who received RD $ 25,000 in prize money, Romi Ramírez in second place with RD $ 15,000, and Félix Flores in third place with RD $ 7,000.

In Category B, Juan Lorenzo Castro won 25,000 pesos in 1st place, Michael Sosa in 15,000 pesos in 2nd place, and 7,000 pesos in 3rd place.

At Domino, a couple of Obisfido Reyes and José Berroa was selected for the men’s category with a prize of RD $ 10,000. Hanser Amador and Carlos Ariel Rizard received RD 5,000 in 2nd place, while Sergio Reyes and Angel Berroa received RD $ 3,000 in 3rd place.

The female domino winners were Maria Peguero and Maura Mercedes, who received a prize of RD $ 6,000 pesos in addition to the medal. Decenia Gómez and Máyaris Vásquez finished second with RD $ 4,000 and third with Miragros Santana and Yuleysi Ramírez with RD $ 2,000.

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