Where Did Henry Rodriguez’s Nickname “matatan Azul” Come From?

Where Did Henry Rodriguez’s Nickname “Matatan Azul” Come From?

“Each pain makes you stronger, each betrayal wiser, each disappointment wiser, and each experience wiser” Pepe Mujica

A building on San Anton Street in Herrera, where he worked as a sports editor for the morning newspaper El Siglo and director of Bienvenido Alvarez Vega, was hit by gunmen. After the event, the director received a call from an unknown person who claimed to know the perpetrator of the event and summoned him to the Teleantillas parking lot at 5:30 a.m. Alvarez Vega is now a daily newspaper. Director of Hoy and invited us to join him.

While they were both at their appointed place, the Convener appeared and his first words were “I am Matatan…I have just left La Victoria”, the words of the deed he would be punished for. continued.


What is this prologue about?

On December 1, 1990, Henry Rodriguez went 3-for-4 with 3 RBIs, 3 RBIs, and 2 runs, and had 15 hits in his last 38 shifts for a .395 average.

When the game against the Estrellas Orientales was over, I titled my chronicle ‘Henry Rodríguez, Matatan Azul, the hero of Licey’.

It was from this stranger that I first heard the word “Matatan,” which baptized Henry Rodriguez.

Few players in the Dominican League during the Age of Enlightenment scored such an attacking season as Henry Rodriguez did in Lissi in 1990-91. The outfielder and first baseman participated in 39 regular series games, 152 shifts, 48 ​​hits, 9 doubles, 4 triples, 1 home run, 17 runs scored, 20 draws, 12 transfers, He had 20 strikeouts, three stolen bases, and a .316 batting average. average. In his first six games he hit. Against the Bulls on November 13, he scored his 4–0 victory. He then stringed together his hits in his seven-game streak of shooting, and in his first 14 games he went 26-13, .

On November 28, against the Bulls again, he went blank 4-0. Recharge your batteries and hit the ball again with 6 of his games online. Across the regular series, he went blank for seven games. In his last six regular games, he has hit at the No Man’s Ground.

In their first match against Aguilas Sibaenhas on January 2nd, they won 2-0. and in his second game with him 2-0 picked. Then the bat rang in the semifinals, where he won five multi-hit games. .362 average (58-21), 7 runs scored. 8 RBIs and 3 triples.

In the final series against Leones del Escogido, he continued to bombard, going 12-for-21 with 10 runs scored, 6 RBIs, a double, 2 triples and a home run.

In summary, in regular, semifinal, and final series, in 231 shifts, he added 81 hits and had a .

In 265 games in 13 seasons with the Tigers, he went 947-251, 44 doubles, 12 triples, 20 homers, 110 runs scored, 157 RBI, 98 walks, 145 strikeouts, 13 stolen bases, and a .265 average.

And the question arises in free fall: When will Licey withdraw Matatán Azul’s number 40?

days like today

In 1983, in the first inning of a clash between Aguilas and Caymanes del Sur, Miguel Dillone stole his 300 bases for life. Dillone has ripped off his 395 pads in his career.

In 1988, the Texas Rangers completed their second major trade in a matter of days, trading 1B Pete O’Brien, OF Odybe McDowell and 2B Jerry Brown for 2B Julio Cesar Franco to the Cleveland Indians.

In 1990, free agent George Bell signed with the Chicago Cubs.

In 2005, Leones del Escodido’s board of directors approved the manager when Juan Samuel posted a 14-21 record and Mike Guerrero took over.

In 2012, Aguilas Cibaenhas defeated Gigantes de Cibao 4-2 to reach the semi-finals with a 26-14 record in Game 40.

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