Why Did You Shake Your Head? They Reveal The Betrayal That Exposed Britney Spears In The Eyes Of The World

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November 04 2019, 12:55 pm
In 2007, Britney Spears lost her temper and refused to give her children to her ex-husband Kevin Federline. He took an umbrella and hit it against a vehicle in front of the photographers (Grosby Group)


The bodyguards of Britney Spears allowed the paparazzi to take the famous photographs of the star at its lowest point, reveals the new documentary “Britney Spears: Breaking Point”, which deepens the devastating period of 14 months when the “Princess of Pop ”Reached the limit. 2007 was the worst year of his life. At that time Spears was 25 years old, two children, a divorce in process and the weight of fame.

Esther Tognozzi, owner of the salon where Britney shaved her head in February 2017, revealed that the people who had to protect her were the ones who betrayed her and left her exposed to the world. According to Tognozzi, they accepted bribes from photographers outside the store to get the images of the moment when the music star shaved his hair. Tognozzi, who was closing his Los Angeles room when Britney entered, explained: "He had two bodyguards, supposedly watching to make sure the paparazzi were not taking photos and one of them kept opening the blinds," the woman told the tabloid Daily Mail .

The world press closely followed the lowest hours of Britney Spears

The hairdresser said Spears entered the establishment and asked him to shave it. Faced with her refusal, Britney took the shaver and did it herself. Before leaving, he said: "My mother will be very upset."

It was time to take drastic measures and Spears spent a month in a psychiatric clinic, where she was diagnosed with a bipolarity picture. He voluntarily left there at 24 hours. A few days later, the singer was back in the public eye when she appeared in her ex-husband's house, with the intention of seeing her children. Having no response from Kevin Federline, he lost control.

Already without his blond hair and tired of the harassment of journalists, he took an umbrella and unloaded all his anger against the vehicle of one of the paparazzi.

The Channel 5 documentary also explores her bitter battle for the custody of her children with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and presents first-hand stories and never before heard with interviews of people closest to her, including Pérez Hilton, her agent of childhood and the paparazzi who followed her in those years.

Meanwhile, the head of the dance studio Robert Baker told The Mirror that Spears' father, Jamie, is probably the reason why the singer is still alive today after her psychiatric episodes. "I have known Britney since 1998. I saw her at the height of her fame and I saw her fighting when things got tough," Baker recalled. “She was out of control. He was going through the worst moment of his life and needed help. His father intervened and gave him the help he needed. If I hadn't done it, things could have been very different. Today he would not be among us. ”

In recent years, James has been accused of trying to exert too much influence on his daughter, whom he has legal guardianship since 2007.

But Baker has discarded those suggestions, insisting that he did his best to protect the singer while she was in his custody after her collapse. "All I saw was a loving and protective father who wanted to make sure he was safe." . He also claimed that the voice behind Toxic was not ready for stardom. ”No one could really prepare her for the fame machine. Once he entered the studio and said: ‘I am the loneliest person in the world.”

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