Why The Actress Carmen Villalobos Was Not Chosen To Star In ‘Café Con Aroma De Mujer’

Carmen Villalobos – PHOTO: Instagram @cvillaloboss

‘Café, con aroma de mujer’, is a remake of the iconic telenovela issued in 1994 and bearing the same name. Back then, it starred Margarita Rosa de Francisco in the role of Gaviota and Guy Ecker, as Sebastián Vallejo. The current version is also broadcast by RCN and has been well received by the audience, although it is not comparable to the reception that the first version had at the time.

The new adaptation is starring Laura Londoño (Gaviota) and the American William Levy (Sebastián Vallejo). However, since before the production was launched, it was speculated that the Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos was the main protagonist, since it had been in other products such as ‘The end of paradise’, which had great success in several Latin American countries and that they could serve as a cover letter to keep the role of Gaviota.


In fact, the Barranquillera is known especially for Sin breasts, there is no paradise (2008), where she obtained her first leading role. From that year on, she gained more recognition and was called to play more leading roles on the Telemundo network.

However, it was not. Laura Londoño stayed with the main role and Villalobos with the antagonist, thus embodying Lucía Sanclemente. With all that, her performance has been good and she continues to receive good comments from her fans, especially through social networks, where they show her support, but why was she not given the leading role?

Since the launch of the ‘remake’ of ‘Café, con scent de mujer’ was announced, the audience began to speculate who the protagonists would be; There was even talk of Margarita Rosa de Francisco herself so that, 27 years later, she would again incarnate the role of Gaviota. Afterwards, the cast actors were chosen and there was the surprise to see Carmen Villalobos in the antagonist, something that is not usual in her and the productions where she participates.

According to Londoño in an interview with a regional outlet, he was aware that Telemundo was going to launch a new version of Café, and he did the casting and was accepted. “There will be William Levy, who works at Telemundo, there will be Carmen Villalobos, who works at Telemundo, and now, he mentioned his two darlings from Telemundo,” said the actress.

Additionally, he mentioned that he never heard that Villalobos was going to act, “they never said that Carmen was going to be the protagonist.” Later the complete cast was known and even Londoño herself was surprised.

Despite so much speculation with the cast, the Telemundo telenovela has been well received and the Latin network is expected to air it in the coming days.

‘Café, con aroma de mujer’ (1994) was an original idea by Fernando Gaitán, it was produced by RCN in that same year and broadcast by the extinct Channel A. It tells the story of Teresa Suárez, better known as Gaviota, a collector of coffee that together with his mother (Carmenza) look for work in many areas of the country in that trade. Every year they go to Octavio Vallejo’s farm since they have a guaranteed job there. When he dies, Sebastián, his son, takes over the property and meets Gaviota. Both fall in love and the incidents caused by Lucía Sandoval (represented by Alejandra Borrero) and Iván Vallejo (Cristóbal Errázuriz) begin.

This production is considered one of the most important made in the country, not only because of its cast but also because of the plot, the script, the locations and the landscapes used. The new version of ‘Café’ is also made in many coffee growing areas of the country.


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