Wild Card Teams For Playoffs In The AFC Will Be …

Who will be the three teams that qualify for the postseason to accompany the four divisional champions of the American Conference?

We are in the last third of the 2021 NFL season, and that means having to pull out the calculator to do the math, and see which teams are shaping up to the postseason.

In this exercise, if you allow me, we will analyze the possibilities of the teams that fight for a ticket as a Wild Card in the American Conference.


Josh Allen, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow play it for their respective teams in the final stretch of the season. ESPN.com

First, and as an obligatory subject, we would have to put aside those who, even without having secured the title of their division, are outlined to win it.

In the West, the Kansas City Chiefs – despite a huge downturn in the middle of the season, and supported by a “reborn” defense – are on track to repeat as champions.

In the South, the Tennessee Titans are two games ahead of the Indianapolis Colts, and the tiebreaker also favors them. That is, only a disaster would prevent him from taking the division title to Nashville.

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In the East, the incredible New England Patriots also have a two-game lead over the Buffalo Bills, with one game left between them at Gillette Stadium. The Pats are turned into the sensation of the Conference and are on rails to take the division.

The North is a mystery; The Baltimore Ravens looked like favorites, but their loss of punch on offense and Lamar Jackson’s injury leave doubt. But, let me give you the benefit of the doubt, especially because of the experience of some of your players and their coaching staff.

The Cincinnati Bengals, then, despite the loss this Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, continue to add merits.

His offense has been on and off, but the defense has improved a lot.

Candidates to win the Wildcard ticket

In the West, Los Angeles Chargers are the best located. A game away from the Chiefs, they are a very talented team, not just Justin Herbert, their quarterback.

In addition, wide receivers, runners and a decent defense put them with some advantage to take the Wildcard walk.

In that division, the Denver Broncos are lacking offense, and the Las Vegas Raiders are lacking a lot.

Neither of these two is going to make it.

The Bengals are fighting for a postseason berth and are in the North division, where neither the Cleveland Browns, let alone the Pittsburgh Steelers, are a guarantee.

The Ravens or they are the ones who will qualify; put them in any order you want. Although, as I said above, those from Baltimore with everything and their shortcomings should take the North. Buffalo is a far removed team from that version of last year that, with grit and talent, even played the Conference Final.

These Bills that many of us “saw” in the Super Bowl, the truth is a shadow of that team from last year. Still, Josh Allen’s talent and defense should be enough to earn him a Wild Card ticket, even if his aspirations are more modest than last year.

As you know, friends, the four division champions and three teams in Wild Card qualify for the postseason. That is to say, in this exercise I already “placed” the seven of the Americana, but with your kind permission, he included in this list “another” candidate for a Wild Card position.

The Colts have done a lot to make the playoffs. They are a very good team with the best running back in the league – Jonathan Taylor – and a very good head coach, like Frank Reich.

Great offensive line, respectable defense, but they have had a very complicated schedule. In fact, the Colts’ next two games are against the Pats and the Arizona Cardinals. They are not easy games and they could lose them. That would also wipe out the postseason chances.

There are four weeks ahead and the margin of error for these teams is practically zero.