Will Aaron Judge Break Roger Maris’ Home Run Record?

Will Aaron Judge Break Roger Maris’ Home Run Record?

“We are the bad guys in someone’s story” “Anonymous”

Aaron Judge was out in yesterday’s game Sunday, July 31, for the Yankees, who are hosting Kansas City with an American League-leading 42 home runs.

Will he break the American League home run record of 61, held by Roger Maris since 1961?


Judge is jogging without pressure to set a new personal best. His mark is 52 home runs in 2017, his first full season. He’s already 42 and has more than a third of his season left to play, surpassing Maris’ record and being owned by Barry Bonds with the San Francisco Giants since his 2001 season. It is clear that he could surpass his league record of 73 majors played.

Judge, you need to average four homers a week to pass Bonds. The job won’t be easy since August, when the best power hitters are only throwing a little over two home runs a week, fatigue is present and bat weight has doubled for him.

What wasn’t traumatic to the judges was the brutal treatment Maris received from the press and Baseball Commissioner Ford Flick, who decided that only if he achieved the home run record in 154 games would he become an official home run record. Maris lived by emphasizing trying to please and understand fans and reporters who clearly disliked him.

Flick’s arguments were ridiculous. Because it was based on the almost weightless element that Ruth had in 1927 in 154 games against Maris’ 162. He thought that with the American League expanding from eight teams to ten teams that year, the number of games he increased by eight, and if he didn’t break it at 154 games, Ruth’s record would still stand and Maris’ record. led to the stupid decision that is valid. If so, they are indicated with an asterisk to distinguish them.

In Game 154, Maris hit 59 home runs, reaching 61 in his final game. Because of this, over the years he was ranked #61*.

Both sluggers, Ruth at 60 and Maris at 61, have chartered him in New York Yankees uniforms and the judges will likely do so in the Big Apple Flannel if he achieves a new mark.

Maris played for the Eastern Stars in the 1956-57 season in the Dominican League: JJ 17, VB 56, HR 2, CE 9, batting average .286.

Roger Maris isn’t immortalized in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, but he’s remembered as a Ruth legend and a man who persevered through adversity. When he died in 1985, he still couldn’t understand why he hadn’t been given the value that constituted his achievement, and in 1980 said, “They thought I had done something wrong. .

days like today

Another credit to Marich.D’Angelo Jimenez autograph

In 1968, San Francisco’s Juan Marichal defeated the Dodgers, 2-0. It was the 20th victory, the fifth in his career.

In 1978, Silvio Martinez (5-5) of San Luis faced the Cubs and allowed two earned runs in six innings to lose.

In 1989, pitcher Manny Hernandez was sold from the Minnesota Twins to the New York Mets.

In 1992, Jose Vizcaino of the Chicago Cubs hit his first major league home run.

In 1994, infielder D’Angelo Jimenez signed with the New York Yankees.

In 1998, the Kansas City Royals tied a franchise record by hitting eight bases, including Jose Offerman’s four. They did 3 CL in 5 episodes.

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