Winter Ball Games 55-56 Open Sunday

Winter Ball Games 55-56 Open Sunday

The Tomás Troncoso Cuesta tournament begins on Saturday, October 15th. “Coming soon” in Good Dominica. We remember the unforgettable Fernandito González Tirado (La Biblia) as a historical testimony before the championship. A newspaper with the correct list of reinforcements.

The regular series for the 2022-23 tournament will return to the 50-game format, having been cut in previous campaigns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The match on Saturday 15 October will be between Tigres del Lise and Leones del Escondido at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium. Eastern Stars vs. Toros del Este at the Francisco Micheli Stadium and Aguilas Cibaenhas vs. Gigantes del Cibao at the Julián Javier Stadium.

why on saturday?


I don’t see anything special about the days of the week. History records that on Sunday 23 October 1955, Tigres del Lise (visitors) and Estrellas Orientales (home club) battled for the title, inaugurating the first autumn-winter championship, the “New Fatherland”. increase. Last Summer Games of 1954.

Chronicles of Miguel Peguero (PH) on October 24th in the Caribbean: “When Generalissimo Trujillo arrived at the stadium bearing his illustrious name, some 20,000 spectators – gathered in the country for the sporting event” The largest spectators – all rose to support him “with tremendous enthusiasm, driven by a brilliant spontaneous impulse, marked an indelible feature in the life of the nation.” There was one beautiful sight: great people paying tribute to a great leader. ”

The game was won by Licey 8-4 with 12 hits, and Federico -Chichi- Olivo took the win.

The historic broadcast was aired on Radio Television Palace La・Done by Voss Dominicana. That day, Rubi’s famous phrase was coined when he made way for Mario Alvarez. What do you think of the cutie?

days like today

In 1980, Boston’s Julio Valdez hit his first major league hit, hitting a home run at Toronto’s Paul Mirabella’s Fenway Park.

In 1981, Cincinnati’s Mario Soto singled off Chris Chambliss in the second inning as the Reds defeated the Braves 3–0. did.

In 1986, Toronto’s Manny Lee made his major league debut as a running back against Kansas City.

In 1992, Baltimore’s Manny Alexander got his first major league hit off Cleveland’s Charles Nagy.

In 2005, pitcher Mike Mussina went scoreless through the sixth inning as the New York Yankees defeated Bartolo Colón and the Los Angeles Angels, 4–2, while rookie Robinson Cano hit a 3-run double in the first. rice field. League Division Series.

In 2011, the Texas Rangers finished the season with a 4-3 victory over the Tampa Rays in Game 4 of the Division Series. Adrian Beltre hit his 3rd home run and Ian Kinsler hit his 1st to record all RBIs for Texas. The Rays closed in on Neftali Ferris in the bottom of the ninth, but fell short when Ferris got his third save of the series.

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