Without Getting Vaccinated, One In Every 6 NY Municipal Workers

NEW YORK (AP) – One in six New York City municipal workers remained unvaccinated against COVID-19 after the deadline for showing they had received at le ast one dose expired on Friday, authorities said Saturday.

Due to the rush to inoculate at the last minute, the vaccination rate rose to 83% among police officers, firefighters, garbage collectors and other city workers who were required to do so no later than 8:00 p.m. Friday night. , from 76% on Thursday.


The more than 26,000 workers who have not complied with the requirement will be put on leave without pay starting Monday, as a result of which the Big Apple will have to prepare to face possible closures of fire stations, reduction of police and personnel of ambulances, as well as accumulation of garbage.

Vaccination rates among city fire and health departments rose sharply as workers rushed to receive their doses in order to comply with mandatory inoculations and an extra incentive: Those who did it on Friday would receive $ 500. .

In the Fire Department, the vaccination rate rose 8% and in the health department 10% after their respective elements were vaccinated on Friday, according to city figures. In the case of the fire and health departments, 23% of their respective personnel remained unvaccinated.

In the New York Police Department (NYPD for its acronym in English) vaccinated increased 5% on Friday, which means that 16% of its officers have not applied any dose.

City authorities are weighing various contingencies to deal with a staff shortage that is expected to take place starting Monday.