World Buiatrics Congress: The Largest Bovine Medicine Meeting In The World Arrives In Madrid Two Years Late

World Buiatrics Congress: The Largest Bovine Medicine Meeting In The World Arrives In Madrid Two Years Late

Updated Monday, 5 September 2022 – 01:02

The pandemic prevented its celebration in 2020, but expectations are high now. It is expected to beat the historical attendance record for this congress with a total of 2,770 participants.

recovery The activity of Ifema Madrid resumes the bellows in the first half of 2022


Although it is later than expected, the National Association of Specialists in Bovine Medicine of Spain (Anembe) will be able to organize the 31st World Buiatrics Congress normally at the Ifema Madrid Municipal Palace. The Spanish capital thus takes over from the Japanese city of Sapporo four years after the last event since, despite its biannual nature, the coronavirus forced its cancellation in 2020.

But the wait seems to have been worth it. And it is that the Madrid edition plans to break all attendance records since the first congress took place, more than three decades ago: 2,770 congressmen from 73 different countries will attend the Spanish capital, which represents a number of participants of almost 20 % higher than in the Dublin edition held in 2016 (2,300), the one with the highest influx to date.

The event runs from September 4 in the afternoon until the 8th. In it, attendees will be able to enjoy more than 1,000 interventions by authorized voices in the world of buiatrics that will be divided into 24 thematic blocks, some very focused on the latest scientific news from the bovine sector and others focused on animal welfare or susta inability.

Beyond the blocks, the aim of the organization is that this year the public becomes aware of the important work carried out by veterinarians, both to prevent diseases in animals and in humans. This work has become even more noticeable after a health crisis like the one recently experienced. The ordinary population ignores that public health depends on the good condition of animals and that, when we check cows for tuberculosis or control the pasteurization of milk in industries and drug residues in the food chain, we are carrying out prevention. for people, fighting against zoonosis, that word so well known since the Covid-19 pandemic, explains Marco Snchez-Moreiro, official veterinarian and optional health inspector.


In addition to the main conferences, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the most outstanding content of each day with the speakers at the round table discussions organized by Anembe. To this must be added that at the end of each day the so-called VIP Pressentations will take place, sessions in which illustrious guests will intervene such as the American veterinarian Jan Pol, protagonist of the series broadcast by National Geographic The Incredible Dr. Pol; Antonio Escribano, an expert in human nutrition and sports medicine or the philosopher Fernando Savater.

The theoretical part will be complemented with seminars and workshops given by the speakers themselves or by representatives of some of the event’s sponsoring companies. The one in Madrid is the first edition in which this type of complementary activities are launched, with an eminently practical approach. As pointed out by Gumersindo de la Riera, president of the Scientific Committee of the World Buiatrics Association (WBC), this will bring great added value to the congress, since it favors interaction with highly outstanding professionals in their fields of work and who come from all over the world. the parts of the world.

During the development of this edition, a series of awards will also be given to the participants, including the Ruminant Welfare Achievement Award and the Ruminant Welfare Research Award, each with an economic endowment of 10,000 euros.

WHEN? From September 4 to 8 WHERE? Ifema Madrid Municipal Palace ATTENDANCE 2,700 congressmen from 73 different countries ORGANIZERS Anembe, by delegation of the World Association of Buiatrics (WAB) CONTENTS More than 1,000 interventions by specialists divided into 24 thematic blocks, VIP sessions, workshops and seminars given by some of the speakers and the presentation of a series of awards

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