World Cup Qualifiers Live: Costa Rica Vs. United States Live: Concacaf Qualifying Match Heading To Qatar 2022, Live Online

World Cup Qualifiers Live Goals at the moment, score and statistics from the National Stadium of Costa Rica

Costa Rica vs USA live and direct online: Concacaf octagonal result today, at the moment. CLEAR BRAND

Costa Rica 2-0 USA | 66′ | Corner kick for the United States. Musah couldn’t get to the ball that Pulisic put up.


Costa Rica 2-0 USA | 64′ | Martínez for Mora and Tejeda for Waston.

Costa Rica 2-0 USA | 62′ | Mora is booked on the Tico side.

Costa Rica 2-0 USA | 61′ | Ferreira for Pepi and Moore for Yedlin.

Costa Rica 2-0 USA | 60′ | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Contreras finally sends her to save and does not forgive in the small area. He meets the ball. Before a bad exit from Steffen.

Costa Rica 1-0 USA | 58′ | The duel by the USA is cut short. While the Ticos take confidence and already pull the strings and look for faults.

Costa Rica 1-0 USA | 55′ | UFFFFFFFFF! Pepi shoots and Keylor leaves the ball alive but nobody got to finish off.

Costa Rica 1-0 USA | 53′ | At the moment USA and Costa Rica are equal on points but the goal difference is still on the side of the North Americans.

Costa Rica 1-0 USA | 51′ | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Costa Rica opened the scoring with a header from Vargas.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 49′ | The United States is playing the complement with De La Torre who came in for Adams.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 48′ | COSTA RICA WAS SAVED! Keylor Navas avoids the first after a header from Pepi, then USA forgives on the rebound and second play.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 46′ | Aguilera receives attention after a heavy blow and is treated.


Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 45′ | Chacón goes strong against Weah but takes the ball to the side. The first half is over and for now Costa Rica is going to the playoffs.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 43′ | Foul in three quarters on Weah and Keylor rejects to send him to the corner kick.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 41′ | Nice try from the United States. Musah put it together well but in the touch for Weah it is long.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 39′ | Corner kick for the Ticos after a deflected shot by Contreras.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 38′ | Long possession of Costa Rica but it does not lead to anything, because the North American box is perfectly closed.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 35′ | Aguilera’s shot from medium distance that Steffen catches without problems.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 33′ | Pulisic’s very weak center that takes out the defense very easily. An opportunity is lost when visiting.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 30′ | Corner kick for Team USA that achieves important approaches. Then the counter reaches Steffen without problems.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 28′ | Bennette faces but Contreras does not finish fully. He fell in the area but without fail.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 26′ | The duel is locked in the middle of the field, but Aguilera with efforts and sparks tries to give game.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 23′ | Foul in the middle of the court on Aguilera. Costa Rica is still trying to pull the strings and jump lines.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 21′ | Yedlin down the wing harvests a corner kick. Deflect well Bennette.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 21′ | Mexico is already beating El Salvador and establishing itself in the World Cup. Costa Rica can still score but they need Mexico to help them outperform the USA.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 19′ | Miles Robinson put the brake on Contreras and it’s a free kick. The referee did not draw a yellow card.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 18′ | Foul on Musah and free kick for the visit. Galo committed the infraction.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 16′ | During the first minutes, Mexico also equalized in their match and Costa Rica would be in the playoffs.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 14′ | Pulisic service that rejects the Costa Rican defense. They try to start the counter but the USMNT backs off well.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 12′ | NAVES! The goalkeeper scored the first goal against the United States, after a shot by Ricardo Pepi.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 10′ | NEAR! Costa Rica in stopped ball warns but the ball passes close but Steffen is not complicated.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 08′ | UFFFFFF! WHAT A CONCERN! Keylor almost eats a shot from Robinson and miraculously avoids the first.

Keylor Navas almost gifted the #USMNT the opening goal.

The score remains 0-0.
: @NBCUniverse & @peacockTV

(via @TelemundoSports)

? NBC Sports Soccer (@NBCSportsSoccer) March 31, 2022

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 06′ | Weah tries to make it personal and nails the diagonal that goes to the corner kick.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 04′ | Costa Rica also approaches the area but the defense is well placed and tries to drill down the left coast, where the Costa Rican cast is positioned.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 02′ | The United States tries to keep up the pressure fast and come out at speed with the wings.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | 00′ | GET THE PARTY STARTED! The ball is already rolling in San José.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | PREVIOUS | The stadium lives a party and they dream that Mexico stumbles and that Costa Rica advances directly.

Costa Rica 0-0 USA | PREVIOUS | The teams are about to take the field for the final matchup of the Concacaf qualifiers.

Costa Rica will play the playoffs if they do not achieve the combination to unseat Mexico. The Ticos would go against New Zealand in June, the date is between the 13th and 14th of that month.

Bookmakers side with the United States with up to a 46 percent chance of winning. While the tie is with a 29 percent chance of occurring and the victory of the locals comes with up to 25% chance.

Costa Rica presents its initial team for tonight’s match and will seek to attack third place to achieve direct pass to the World Cup:

XI of Costa Rica | Navas; Martinez, Chacon, Watson, Vargas, Lawrence; Gallo, Aguilera, Mora, Bennette and Contreras.

This is how La Sele comes out to face the United States. LET’S GO TICKETS! #The

? FEDEFUTBOL Costa Rica (@fedefutbolcrc) March 31, 2022

Berhalter decides not to skimp and keeps his word. These are the players who leave with the United States for tonight.

USMNT XI | Stefan; Yedlin, Zimmerman, Robinson, M. Robinson; Acosta, Adams, Musah; Weah, Pulisic and Pepi.

The Final WCQ XI.

Full Lineup Notes »

? US Soccer MNT (@USMNT) March 31, 2022

A little over an hour before the start of the match between the United States and Costa Rica, the visiting team set foot on the field of the Costa Rican National Stadium. There is talk that Pulisic will start as a starter in this matchup.

The United States seeks to seal the ticket to the World Cup. This game is practically a formality for it, so its destiny is already in the World Cup pots. The USMNT will be placed in pot 2 if nothing strange comes up tonight. The team will share a plate with Mexico (if it advances), Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Uruguay.

For Costa Rica to advance directly, it needs a win over the United States tonight. And for Mexico to face New Zealand in the playoffs, the Tricolor must go down today by a difference of two goals at home.

You can review all the combinations, HERE.

Gregg Berhalter spoke prior to the game and assured that his team will not go looking for an equalizer. He stated that the United States will take to the field to go after the three points.

“We are not going to be cautious, we are not going to relax, we are not going to play for a draw, we are going for the victory. It is the mentality that is needed. It would be strange, after 13 games, to differ (in the form of the game) in the last match”; stated at the Berhalter press conference.

full note, HERE.

Hello everyone and excellent Wednesday. Welcome to the closing match of the 2022 Concacaf World Cup qualifiers between Costa Rica and the United States. Today the Ticos arrive with the hope of avoiding the playoffs and advancing directly.

Gregg Berhatler’s men come from qualifying virtually, but in any case they know they can’t afford to throw this match away; since chaos could lead them to reclassification. Therefore, they need to continue to rise ahead of the World Cup draw.

So far, only Canada is the qualified team so the USMNT needs to secure at least a draw. In addition, this match works as a test for some players to show themselves.

Don’t forget to follow all the actions by MARCA Claro USA, where the latest Concacaf tickets are defined. Plus the post for reclassification.



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